The secret of the low prices of ONO gas stations


If you are a motorist, you have probably been following the price of fuel at domestic gas stations for a long time. You may also have noticed that there are considerable differences in practice between individual companies. The cheapest domestic gas stations are mainly ONO, which has several dozen pumps throughout the Czech Republic.

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What is behind the different fuel prices?

Many drivers wonder why the final fuel prices at individual gas stations are so different huge differences.

In many cases, the price spread reaches up to more than 5 crownswhich in the case of a fifty-liter tank can ultimately lead to savings of two hundred and fifty crowns. And it pays off.

The pricing of individual gas stations is very similar in practice, and the differences in the final prices are it mainly depends on what margin the company has specifically set. ONO petrol pumps are generally low-cost. In practice, this means that drivers cannot expect extra comfort, but on the other hand, they will be rewarded with a solid price.

The state takes roughly 60% of one liter

The final price of gasoline or diesel at domestic gas stations consists of several components. She is the first one excise duty. If a liter of Natural 95 costs 30 crowns at the stands, the consumption tax would amount to a total of 12.84 crowns. It is needed for this add VAT of 21 percentwhich is roughly 5 crowns.

It follows from the above that about 60 percent of the price of gasoline goes into the hands of the state. In the case of diesel, it is similar. However, the rest of the prize must be shared by several entities. It is necessary to take into account the price of oil, the margin of the refinery, the margin of the carrier, and finally the margin of the gas station. But she is often the one at all the lowest.

Refineries buy oil, which a specialized company has to transport there before that. It can then be used to make diesel or gasoline and transport them to gas stations, where motorists can buy them.

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Why does ONO have such low prices?

The ONO company ranks among those whose margins are the lowest ever. The owners of ONO have stated several times in interviews that their company’s margin is from each liter of fuel sold it is only 70 penniesthe last time this happened was in a January interview for the Garáž server.

A number of motorists go to the ONO gas station due to low fuel prices concerned about quality. However, the Czech Trade Inspection repeatedly and regularly carries out inspections, and in the case of the ONO company, no doubts appeared in recent years.

Czech pumpers generally avoid punching fuel. The controls are numerous and penalties for such conduct high, and therefore only a small percentage of them resort to them. In the case of a problem, it is usually technical issueand not about deliberate actions that primarily wanted to harm motorists.

Sources: ONO, Garage

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