What do Michael Jackson’s children look like today?

What do Michael Jackson’s children look like today?
What do Michael Jackson’s children look like today?

April 3, 2024·Celebrities·Matej Kaspar

Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, Bigi Jackson (Photo: Profimedia)

Michael Jackson’s children don’t just show up at public events, which is why journalists and photographers went into action when the trio of children made a rare appearance on the red carpet to celebrate the musical about their dad.

The musical MJ: The Musical scores points in America, so it’s no wonder that it can now also be seen in London. Michael Jackson’s musical influence knows no bounds even after his death, so fans from all over the world do not hesitate and actively attend the musical. His children – Prince, Paris and Biggie Jackson – honored the London premiere with their participation and pleased many a fan.

Michael loved his children and always put them first. However, he often faced negative criticism as a parent. According to his co-workers, he was always nice to them and the children were well-behaved. At first, Jackson tried to protect them from show business and journalists, but over time he began to take them to the public and stages. After his death, their grandmother Katherine took care of them, with whom they still have a good relationship today.

And what are the children of the King of Pop actually doing today? Prince has his own podcast and is actively involved in charity work. Paris follows in her father’s footsteps and pursues music. Even in 2020, she released her debut album called Wilted. Bigi stays out of the limelight the most out of the three siblings, but according to the siblings, he’s doing great.

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