EZ is going the way of decarbonisation. Sale of assets in Poland, including coal-fired power plants

EZ is going the way of decarbonisation. Sale of assets in Poland, including coal-fired power plants
EZ is going the way of decarbonisation. Sale of assets in Poland, including coal-fired power plants

WITHEZ Group plans to sell 100 assets in Poland, including two coal-fired power plants. The semi-autonomous energy company will first test market conditions, followed by a call for unconsidered offers. Find it out from the information of the website company, which webe15.cz drew attention to yesterday. The sale of selected Polish companies is in line with the EZ Group’s commitment to decarbonisation of production.

Assets included in the divestment process include two coal-fired power plants with combined electricity and heat production. CEZ Skawina and CEZ Chorzw power plants produced a total of 1,390 gigawatt-hours of electricity and 5,649 terajoules of heat last year. With a share of 25 percent, CEZ Skawina is the second largest supplier of heat to Kraków, and CEZ Chorzw ranks among the largest suppliers of heat to Katowice and other urban agglomerations in Silesia.

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In addition to production resources, EZ wants to test the market for the company CEZ Produkty Energetyczne Polska, providing specialized support services for loading with secondary energy products. The company CEZ Polska, which, among other things, monitors energy regulation and legislation in Poland, may also be for sale.

“The sale of the selected Polish companies is in line with the business strategy of the EZ Group in exchange for the decarbonization of the production portfolio and the achievement of climate neutrality by 2040,” EZ said. Therefore, he only intended to attack and develop accordingly those Polish companies that are converted into providers of modern energy services. It is among CEZ Energo Polska and companies of the Elevion group, which offers a decarbonization and energy business.

EZ Group entered the Polish energy market in 2006 by purchasing the Skawina and Chorzw power plants from the American company PSEG. EZ once tried to sell its production assets in Poland. In November 2021, however, he announced that he had stopped selling. The reason was that the offered prices for five Polish companies were not economically attractive enough.

EZ is one of the largest energy companies in the Czech Republic. Its majority shareholder is ST, which, through the Ministry of Finance, holds approximately 70 percent of the shares. ist Group’s profit last year fell by 63 percent to 29.6 billion crowns. The main reason was the significant influence of foreign taxes and levies, on which the company spent around 40 billion crowns. Pesto EZ last year also produced the most in the last ten years, with the exception of the record year 2022.

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