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A few years ago, motorists used to go to Podzimní Street in Jablonec nad Nisou to pick up new Fords. Even today, the area resembles the typical premises of car dealers – a large square including covered areas is complemented by a workshop and a showroom jutting out in the foreground. Now, however, it does not have an American family MPV, but beautiful sports cars. Including one specialty.

Today, it is here that Lukáš Mužíček, an extremely modest and friendly guy, runs his detailing studio, given that his “set” costs a total of several tens of millions of crowns. The lion’s share of such an amount goes to the car located closest to the street, which really causes a great stir among passers-by – the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition.

Lukáš was put in charge of the white specimen and is to prepare it for a private Czech collection, part of which could be available to the public in the future. The interesting thing about this collection? He counts 80 unusual cars, which – and here it comes – are all white! The Countach will keep him company here for a few weeks, during which it will be thoroughly cared for, including a complete renovation of the paintwork.

Photo: Stanislav Kolman (Garáž.cz)

Wink, wink! The flip-up headlights are just the icing on the cake.

Movie star

Immediately upon entering the studio, it is clear that you are in for something rare. The Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Edition Countach is in person a robust but damn low sports car full of unusual aerodynamic details. This is the specialty of this variant, whose elaborate bodywork was contributed by Horacio Pagani himself.

Sophisticated technology peeks out after opening all possible body panels. Not only the door wings, but also the front hood, the engine cover or the lid of the small luggage compartment at the very back. Behind the heads of the passengers is a 5.2-liter twelve-cylinder engine with an output of 449 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque. The same works in the guts of the 5000 QV variant, however, the “twenty-five” benefits from a modified body, so it reaches 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds (three tenths faster) and whizzes by at less than 300 km/h.

Photo: Stanislav Kolman (Garáž.cz)

We could stand looking under the fairing in the middle for hours…

A separate chapter for this movie star (Who doesn’t remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic scene in The Wolf of Wall Street?) is spare parts. The most recent service for hoses and small engine components came to 350,000 CZK. Windshield replacement? Half a million. We can probably understand why this particular piece has only ten thousand cast. However, even a bundle of money in your account will not ensure you comfortable operation of the Countach – original spare parts are increasingly rare.

Car watchers say that the car is the happiest when it is stationary, because at that moment you don’t have to deal with its expensive traffic. I didn’t get a ride, but the truth is that even statically, this cake makes a great show. Especially when I have the opportunity to sit in the red colored interior. Just getting in here is a discipline worthy of an Olympic medal, and I’m 178 cm tall and 85 kilos. And when I’m already sitting inside, I somehow find the ideal position in which I would be able to drive. There really isn’t much leg room, and the steering wheel is also tilted slightly to the right. Anyone taller here after a few kilometers has to suffer with self-denial.

Millions fly

In conclusion, I will allow myself a few more numbers. The Countach was produced between 1974 and 1990 and a total of 1,983 examples were produced. The 25th Anniversary version closed production, the first piece saw the light of day in 1988, the last in the early nineties. Paradoxically, it is precisely this “limit” that produced the most pieces – 657 cars – which is due to the increased production of the model in the last five years. That’s what the brand’s new owners wanted.

And the price? It depends on the condition of the car and the drive, usually the farewell edition is sold for twenty-five to thirty million crowns. Coincidentally, at the end of last year, the dismantled film copy was also auctioned, from which the owner promised a bid of at least thirty-five million. However, the highest climbed “only” to 31.5 million, which he refused.

If you want to see the Countach 25th Anniversary live, you can! But no, don’t go to Lukáš knocking on the window, instead look for an event on the Internet Hot dogs and carts on the go. The car festival is planned for April 6th in its premises in Jablonec. And the iconic lambo will not be missing!

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