Former Spanish football boss Rubiales was detained after arriving in Madrid

Former Spanish football boss Rubiales was detained after arriving in Madrid
Former Spanish football boss Rubiales was detained after arriving in Madrid

The 19-year-old Rubiales was arrested on his way from the Dominican Republic, where, among other things, he works for the local baseball association. Pmo na letiti he was interrogated by the police. He gave a notice to expect it in the next few days.

The police began to investigate the corruption connected with the Polish Super Cup, Rubiales was the first person behind its change in 2020. The traditional single-match format was replaced by a mini-tournament for the three sides in Sadsk Arabia, each round of which was supposed to earn the association 40 million euros (one billion crowns).

The reason for the closure of the surveyors was the confusion surrounding millions of commissions. The police were alerted to this by wiretapping Rubiales’ telephone conversation with former Pan-European representative Gerard Piqu, his company Kosmos succumbed to the agreement with Sadská Arbi.

Rubiales denied any wrongdoing. I don’t know what the court will say about it. And I don’t even know what the police are looking for. But all the money in my bank account is the result of my work and connection, he told the TV station La Sexta.

Last year, Rubiales died at the head of the federation because he kissed tennis player Jenni Hermosová without permission in the final of the women’s championship.

estatyiceletet function later claimed that he became obt a campaign led by fake feminists. According to him, the kiss after the August final against England (1:0) in Sydney was spontaneous, mutual, euphoric and consensual. Finally he gave in to the pressure and resigned.

For this, he was banned from football for a year by the international federation FIFA, and the prosecutor’s office is demanding 2.5 years in prison for sexual assault and coercion. In addition, Polben should have paid the soccer player a minimum of 50,000 euros (about 1.26 million crowns).

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