Everything aside, I want to fight for the championship! Crow: I still have potential


On the run, he had no idea that he could join the national team. In the end, he was glad that the general manager of the national team, Petr Nedvd, approached him.

We didn’t communicate during the season, but he called me before the last two games, when there was only a small chance for the playoffs. So we were talking if mm chu. He told him to go. If there is a chance to fight, then I will drink right away, Vrna said clearly.

He has two solid seasons behind him. Both in personal life and on the sports side. In the spring of 2022/23, he joined the NHL assistant program while in Detroit, and then even after transferring to St. Louis was married to a farm in Springfield. He last played in the NHL on January 8.

His season ended on Saturday, he really wanted to be able to go to the match in Bratislava and therefore the proper match against Slovakia. I went to see the general manager, if he could speed it up, let’s meet on Tuesday. He told me that we would take the clothes and medical things and fly to him, he explained.

In 2019, the eastern neighbor played its first championship in the capital. Then he also started in 2021 in Riga and Pedlon in Finland. Trying to get to Prague was a huge challenge for him. For many games, this is a big deal. Even for the whole country. But however important it is to me, and when it comes to fighting for it, I want to take it out, assured Vrna.

No, he didn’t exactly have a good position in the last tournaments. When he started in one of the elite formations, he eventually ended up in a minor role. Coach Radim Rulk put him on the bench in a formation with David Tomek and Filip Chlapek.

Jakub Vrna (right) from St. Louis brnn Radko Gudas from Anaheim.

We watched his actions on the farm for a while and they were not noticeable at all. Not every NHL game stands up to that era. He did, he belonged to the dark side, and he was guided by kind, positive words, Rulk declared.

I really liked how he approached the phone call from the general manager, saying that he was behind the party order. He immediately planned to leave the country as soon as possible so that he could be here and have time to adapt to the truck. He went immediately, if he had another full, which I heard from him or from Nedvd, he added.

Vrna played 42 games in the current season in the AHL, for St. Louis was only 21. I didn’t have a full farm, but sometimes a hunter has to face reality. I love hockey, and I play anywhere, said the vice-champion of the world under the age of 18 in 2018.

Celebrating Jakub Vrna.

I’m in the dark with young guys who have been playing for the first or second year. I tried to help them with my NHL experience. It gave the hunter the joy of helping a young teammate. I’ve been through it, but on the other hand, I’ve moved forward in life, looking to the future and I’m glad I can be here and fight, he added.

In June 2021, Vrna joined the assistance program of the NHL and the hockey association NHLPA, which helps hockey players and their families in case of psychological problems or addiction. I wouldn’t want to comment on that, it’s a personal matter. One day I can sit down and open myself up to it. But at the moment I’m concentrating to show my best performance here. And I have to say that I haven’t felt better in the last year and a half, he was relieved.

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