The price of tickets for the upcoming 2024 World Cup of Hockey

The price of tickets for the upcoming 2024 World Cup of Hockey
The price of tickets for the upcoming 2024 World Cup of Hockey

Ice Hockey World Cup 2024 returns after nine long years to Czech Republic. It will host the World Cup on May 10 Prague (O2 Arena) and Ostrava (Ostravar Arena) and will end on May 26 in Prague. The organizers will definitely want to build on the success of the previous World Hockey Championship 2015 held in the Czech Republic, where a record that has not been broken so far was set. The capacities of both stadiums are high enough for this championship to break the attendance record again. But the price of tickets can be a problem, although the organizers tried to take into account the current social situation, inflation and other factors that can affect demand.

Price of individual tickets for the 2024 World Cup of Hockey

The price of tickets depends on the attractiveness of the match and the selected category in the auditorium also plays a role. Let’s take a look at the following price session match samples:

  • Austria – Denmark: 3rd category – CZK 490; 2nd category – CZK 690; 1st category – CZK 990
  • Switzerland – Norway: 3rd category – CZK 890; 2nd category – CZK 1,090; 1st category – CZK 1,490
  • USA – Germany: 3rd category – CZK 990; 2nd category – 1,590 CZK, 1st category 1,990 CZK
  • Finland – Canada: 3rd category – 1,390 CZK, 2nd category – 1,990 CZK, 1st category 2,390 CZK

Czech and Slovak fans reach the deepest into their pockets. Tickets for their matches cost 1,990 CZK, 2,390 CZK and 2,890 CZK, respectively 2,390 CZK, 2,890 CZK and 3,290 CZK.

Price of daily packages

In addition to the individual tickets now in circulation, day packages and bargain tickets are also available “Family Game”. You can buy these tickets for 190 CZK, 290 CZK or 390 CZK depending on the category. The Family Game features five matches where you can see the biggest Canadian or Swiss stars in action, as well as an interesting match between France and Germany. This price range is really interesting, as you pay more for a ticket at domestic stadiums. There are also daily packages where you can see two, and in some cases three, matches in one day. The price of tickets ranges from 1,180 CZK to 4,880 CZK.

Price of packages for the elimination part:

  • Quarter finals: 3rd category – 3,980 CZK, 2nd category – 5,980 CZK, 1st category – 6,980 CZK (2x Prague, 2x Ostrava)
  • Semifinal: 3rd category – 8,980 CZK, 2nd category – 10,980 CZK, 1st category – 11,980 CZK (2x Prague)
  • Final day: 3rd category – 9,680 CZK, 2nd category – 11,480 CZK, 1st category – 12,980 CZK (2x Prague)

Comparison with the last WC in hockey 2015 in our country

So what is the difference after nine years, when the World Cup was last held in our country? The cheapest tickets were sold to spectators for 490 CZK (Ostrava) and 590 CZK (Prague), the most expensive tickets cost 1,690 CZK. The price of all-day tickets varied between CZK 980 and CZK 3,470 (Ostrava) and CZK 1,180 and CZK 2,980 (Prague), depending on the attractiveness of the match. The packages for the quarter-finals cost CZK 4,780 and CZK 5,980, the semi-finals at CZK 9,380 to CZK 11,580 and the final day at CZK 11,480 to CZK 14,380.

So you can’t help but notice the change in ticket prices. In 2015 there were only two categories, now tickets are divided into three categories. Some matches are already sold out, especially the matches of the Czech and Slovak national teams. Tickets can still be purchased at this address.

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