OPAP: A general meeting of shares is being held today

OPAP: A general meeting of shares is being held today
OPAP: A general meeting of shares is being held today

The company today under the general meeting of shares. In addition to other standard points, shareholders will approve a dividend for the year 2023 of a total of EUR 1.85 (11.1% of gross foreign income). Of this, EUR 1 was paid in the form of an interim dividend, EUR 0.6 (3.6% gross foreign income) will be paid as a final dividend, where the last day to claim this dividend will be Friday, April 26, and the payment will take place on the 9th. in May, the remaining EUR 0.25 (1.5% gross foreign income) will be similar to the last two years in the form of a lump sum, where the last day with interest will be July 24 and the payment will take place on July 1.

J&T BANKA, private and investment bank

Since 1998, we have been offering services and consulting that not only meet the client’s current needs, but also take into account family relationships and a longer time horizon. Protect assets not only against economic influences, but also against legislative changes and life events. Include multigenerational property management and succession, investment consulting, securities trading, property management and structuring, and life-style management services. In addition to comprehensive family office and private banking services, it provides specialized financing in the field of real estate and business acquisitions.

The bank holding J&T Finance Group SE includes the Slovak branch, J&T Banka dd in Croatia and the Slovak bank group 365 (two Potov banks) in addition to the Czech J&T Bank.

More information at: www.jtbank.cz

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