Tragedy of mother Lucie: Death from a common cold?!


Lucia K. (†34), a mother of two, caught a cold and thought she had the flu or angina. Little did she know that her condition was far more serious. Out of nowhere, she developed a high temperature and ended up in the hospital, where she started coughing up blood. Finally, doctors put her into artificial sleep, but she died on her son’s birthday.

Lucia from Slovakia’s Zubrohlav thought she had caught a cold and was getting the flu or angina. The mother of two had no fever or cough. There was no indication that her condition was serious. “Until the Night Before I Die,” Lucie’s husband Karol said for the Slovak daily Nový Čas. “Her temperature shot up to 40 and it was about three in the morning when we brought her down.” he added. That’s when she reportedly started complaining of pain and the couple finally called an ambulance.

After being taken to the hospital, she started coughing up blood and eventually the doctors put her into artificial sleep. “I saw her die at half past ten in the evening. Pneumonia and whole-body collapse, sepsis,” Karol added. Lucia died on February 28, exactly on her son’s birthday. The father was left alone with two children. Plus they have to pay the mortgage. “She was left with me, a seven-year-old daughter and a disabled five-year-old son, on whose birthday she actually died. Due to their age and the increased care that the younger son requires, I will lose my job because I have been working twelve-hour shifts and it is not possible to take care of children like that.” father stated.

Lucia K. from Slovakia left behind two children.

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