Reconstructed houses in Zbraslav are to serve refugees from Ukraine

photo: Vít Hassan for refugees at the Central Station

At their meeting on Monday, August 29, Prague councilors approved a proposal for the reconstruction of six residential buildings in Zbraslav, which should be used for the needs of temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. The costs of the reconstruction are to be 22 million crowns. Subsequently, it is expected that they will be used for housing the residents of Prague.

In the municipality’s press release, it is stated that these are long-term unoccupied city buildings intended for housing. “The houses were bought by the capital in 2002 after the floods. Now some of them housed various institutions there, we decided to do something about it, because some of them were in a dismal state,” said Jan Chabr (United Forces for Prague), councilor for property management.

Use of subsidy from the Ministry for Regional Development

The total cost of the reconstruction is estimated at 22 million crowns. In this context, Prague wants to prepare a project application for a subsidy in the program of the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic entitled Ukraine – expansion of accommodation capacities. A possible return of part of the funds is expected, up to 10.8 million crowns.

“We will give new life to previously unused residential buildings, they will first be used for housing refugees. We will apply for a subsidy from the program of the Ministry for Regional Development, after the end of the period of sustainability, which should last only a few years, the houses will be used for the classic housing of the people of Prague,” added Adam Zábranský (Pirates), Prague councilor for housing.

Subsidy program Ukraine – expansion of accommodation capacities

Municipalities, regions, the capital city of Prague and its districts and organizations established by them, as well as non-state non-profit organizations, churches and religious societies can apply for subsidies from this program. Its aim is to expand accommodation capacities in emergency mode for urgent needs for refugees from Ukraine.

The maximum subsidy amount for one person staying in an apartment is 150,000 crowns, the maximum amount in an accommodation facility is 40,000 crowns from eligible costs per person.

The eligible applicant must pay at least 15 percent of the eligible expenses actually incurred from their own funds.

The amount of rent in an apartment or accommodation facility financed by a subsidy from the state budget in the emergency accommodation regime is free for refugees from Ukraine. For persons granted temporary protection, the applicant can request payments related to accommodation, in accordance with the rules of public support, when the amount of rent is not limited in the request.

The aforementioned subsidy program has currently been extended until August 31, 2022. The last possible date for submitting documents to draw the subsidy is December 31, 2022. The latest deadline for the implementation of the event is February 28, 2023.

The total allocated funds in the program amount to 900 million crowns.

Community center in Roztyle

An example of successful cooperation for the use of opportunities to temporarily help manage the influx of Ukrainian refugees is the project to build a Community Center for refugees, which opened at the end of April this year. It was created in cooperation with Passerinvest Group, the Prague 11 district and the Help Ukraine Foundation.

The Roztyly community center consists of 26 modular cells. Its internal arrangement offers spaces for four classrooms with accessories, as well as sanitary facilities, a kitchen and facilities for staff.

The center is intended for all age categories, its capacity is approximately 80 to 100 people. Here, clients will find suitable facilities for babysitting, social and leisure activities with the possibility of education and involvement in social and support programs.

“Our company owns a plot of land in Prague’s Roztyle, on which we will not build for another two years. We wanted to use the place for possible help. We purchased a ready-made modular assembly of cells, which was originally intended for Germany as a nursery school, and with the support of the City of Prague 11, we built a temporary Roztyly Community Center here in record time. It’s not a permanent solution, but it can help a lot in the medium term,” says Radim Passer, founder of Passerinvest Group.

From the beginning of the Russian armed aggression until August 29, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic granted the status of a person with temporary protection to a total of over 421 thousand Ukrainian refugees. The number of refugees in Prague reached over one hundred thousand people.

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The second tent city for Ukrainian refugees, which grew up some time ago on the premises of the Czech Post in Malešice, is gradually being demolished.…

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