Schiller as commander-in-chief of the armed forces? Who could resist

Schiller as commander-in-chief of the armed forces? Who could resist
Schiller as commander-in-chief of the armed forces? Who could resist

Andrej Babiš, after finding out that the current estimates do not look like a victory in the second round of the presidential election, started releasing trial balloons. He indicated that Karel Havlíček or Alena Schillerová could run for the head of state. Both are his devoted servants, and the idea that one of these people would sit in the Castle and Babiš was the Prime Minister is a great test of the endurance of our minds.

Loyalty to the agrobaron and offshore castle lord is a basic requirement. As for Schiller, she tries like a little schoolgirl diligently writing her homework. In this case, it is clear that she herself probably does not write anything, but as they say, “he signed, he wrote”.

Short messages on Twitter with Alena Schillerová’s name resemble a litany. After each call, the audience should probably say, “Alena, save us!”

Gradually, the pre-singer calls out:

“How many sweaters do you have?”

“What do you heat with?”

“Ministers passed the crayons.”

“Do you already know the government’s plan to help the people?”

“But household savings won’t last forever.”

“And just when we think the rule of the mob couldn’t get any more chaotic, well…”

“This government has been ruling since December 17, 2021, it is not fulfilling its program, it lied before the elections and it is still lying. The situation is intolerable and we will make her account.”

(That’s a bit of a long sentence. As is the following.)

“And while the government rests, people are figuring out how to pay the bills while maintaining at least some of their standard of living.”

“The government has done absolutely nothing for the people, we have the most expensive electricity and natural gas in all of Europe. Tragedy. Prepare your sweaters for the winter, President Pekarová says.”

It’s adorable when a former YES minister accuses someone of “overeating”. Babiš’s government squandered hundreds of billions under the pretext of covid. It turns out that most of the money spent wasn’t for anything related to the pandemic, but that’s okay. Mrs. Alena shouldn’t say the word savings either. Her government’s savings couldn’t even last forever because there weren’t any.

However, the potential president also expresses herself in a statesmanlike manner. It needs to be trained. For example, on the anniversary of August 21, he writes:

“Today we commemorate the anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviets…

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