Two years ago he could not walk due to a rare disease, now he is preparing for a marathon: Ashton Kutcher has already lost 6 kilos

“I lost about six pounds. My wife fully supports me,” confided the actor. “My children are my motivation to live a healthier life,” added the father of five-year-old Dimitri and seven-year-old Wyatt.

But there is another reason why he started the marathon. Ashton would like to support the non-profit organization Thorn, which he founded in 2012 with his ex-wife Demi Moore (59).

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It is a technology development company that helps protect and defend children around the world against sexual abuse. The topic of child sexual slavery in developing countries deeply touched the former star couple, and that’s why they made it their goal to do everything to prevent it.

As the organization celebrates its 10th anniversary, Kutcher took the opportunity to spread awareness about an important topic he’s been working on for a decade.

The actor has put a lot of weight on his shoulders by training for the marathon, considering that he didn’t even stand up two years ago. He was stricken with a rare disease called vasculitis, basically a disease of the blood vessels, which caused him to be unable to walk, see and even hear. He is said to be lucky to be alive at all.

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He only announced his diagnosis a few weeks ago. He is said to have taken a year to fully recover. “You don’t appreciate things until you lose them. You appreciate them only when you realize that you may never see, hear, walk again,” he described in one of the episodes of the National Geographic program Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

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