Another gold for the Canadian women! After the Olympics, they also won the WC


Canada bounced back from the group stage defeat of the United States, winning 2-1 in the World Cup final thanks to two goals from Brianna Jenner and defending their gold medal from last year’s championship.

A week ago, Canada took a 2-5 beating from the USA, but the final looked completely different. So is the result. The Canadian women decided on their win with two close goals between the 30th and 31st minutes, both scored by

Brianne Jenner

attacker, 31 years old

” href=”″>Brianne Jennerová.

Thanks to a goal 21 seconds before the end of the second period, the Americans pulled within range and in the third period they had enormous pressure,


Ann-Renee Desbiens

goalkeeper, 28 years old

” href=”″>Ann-Renee Desbiensová, however, caught a great match and caught Kendall Coyne-Schofield’s great chance at the very end.

Canadian women thus remain on the women’s hockey throne. After years of domination by the American women, their era is coming again: last year they won gold at the home world championships in Calgary, and six months ago they also won the Olympic tournament.

USA – CANADA 1:2 (0:0, 1:2, 0:0)

Goals and saves: 40. Roque (Kessel, Coyne-Schofield) – 30. Jenner (Poulin, Shelton), 31. Jenner (Fillier, Nurse).
Referee: Tassoni (USA), Nurmi – Saarimaki (both Finland), Todd (Canada).
Exclusion: 4:3.
Use: 1:1.
Shots on goal: 21:19.
Spectators: 1,738.
Best female players: Kendall Coyne-Schofield – Brianne Jener.
USA: Hensley – Stecklein, Harvey, Keller, Harmon, Barnes, Dunne, Guilday – Brandt, Knight, Bilka – Carpenter, Heise, Kessel – Eden, Pannek, Coyne-Schofield – Roque, Scamurra, Compher. Coach: Wroblewski.
Canada: Desbiens – Larocque, Fast, Ambrose, Zandee-Hart, Mikkelson, Shelton, Bell – Jenner, Poulin, Potomac – Fillier, Nurse, Clark – Stacey, Turnbull, O’Neill – Eldridge, Maltais, Bach – Rattray. Coach: Ryan.

The final standings of the Women’s WC 2022

1. Canada
2. USA
3. Czechia
4. Switzerland
5. Japan
6. Finland
7. Sweden
8. Hungary
9. Germany
10. Denmark

Overview of the last female world champions

2022: Canada
2021: Canada
2019: USA
2017: USA
2016: USA
2015: USA
2013: USA
2012: Canada
2011: USA
2009: USA

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