From the neighbors: Czech mountaineer died in South Tyrol

The document disturbed the peace of the dead

The court in Sweden decided for the third time whether the documentary filmmakers taking footage for television from the wreck of the ferry Estonia, which sank in 1994, disturbed the peace of the dead, wrote Donaukurier. With the help of the robot, they discovered, among other things, a multi-meter opening in the ship, which was not known about before. The documentary won an important Swedish journalism award in 2020.

In the first retrial in 2021, the filmmakers were acquitted. According to the court, their actions were criminal under Swedish law, but their conviction is not possible because the robot was launched from a German-flagged ship in international waters. Germany did not sign the agreement on disturbing the peace of the dead. The appeal instance saw it differently and returned the case to Gothenburg.

Estonia sank with 989 people on board en route from Tallinn to Stockholm off the coast of Finland. 852 people died, only 137 survived. Because many of the dead were not recovered, the wreck is protected as a final resting place and must not be visited, the paper explains.

Estonia as long as it sailed…Source: Diary/DK

After a new trial, the defendants were sentenced to fines. According to the court, journalist Henrik Evertsson and wreck expert Linus Andersson can be tried under Swedish law. “There is a strong public interest in respecting the peace of the dead in the case of the ship Estonia, because it is the grave of a large number of people,” the president of the senate said. However, the journalistic motive of the act is an extenuating circumstance. The defendants were fined 470 and 560 Swedish crowns, equivalent to 1,750 and 2,100 euros. Both are considering an appeal – according to them, these are important journalistic issues. Photo: Deník/DK/ Lehtikuva

Mother Teresa evokes emotions

She is one of the most celebrated women of the Catholic Church – Mother Teresa, whom Pope Francis declared a saint, died 25 years ago. But it continues to attract many people to Kolkata. where Mother Teresa founded the Catholic Order of Missionaries of Charity and homes for the poor, sick and dying. That’s why they called her the angel of the poor. For many, it is a symbol of love for one’s neighbors. Her legacy continues, and is not indisputable, writes Donaukurier.

She was born in 1910 in Skopje, today’s Macedonia. Her parents christened her Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhia. At the age of 18, she joined the Irish Loreto Order and soon came as a novice to India, where she initially taught at a Catholic school. She took the name Teresa, after the French St. Therese of Lisieux. The misery in Calcutta shook her and she experienced “the second calling of God”. Jesus wanted me to follow him into the slums, she said. In 1950, she founded her order there. She died on September 5, 1997 at the age of 87.

“In addition to many admirers, she also has a number of critics. According to them, she acted mainly in an attempt to convert the poor to Christianity. She also accepted money from questionable figures, for example the former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier. In some of her facilities, care was not good and the state of hygiene was not bad, ” writes DK. “She was very critical of contraception and abortion, also during her acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. But despite all the criticism, Mother Teresa still has many admirers. There are thousands of sisters working with her in centers all over the world,” the paper concludes.

Nirvana Baby without sanctions

The image of a naked child on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album will not have legal consequences, according to a Los Angeles court, DK wrote. Judge Fernando Olguin concluded that today’s plaintiff, a 31-year-old man whose photo shows him as a child underwater, seemingly reaching for a dollar bill on a hook, waited too long to file his complaint — more than a decade after he knew it might be a violation of the law.” lascivious” display of his genitalia, but took no legal action, so his eventual claim has lapsed. The case is thus postponed.

The eternally controversial photo…Source: Diary/DK

Narrator Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama (61) won the Emmy Award in the Best Narrator category for his role in the five-part Netflix documentary series «Our Great National Parks», which Obama co-produced. It features national parks from around the world.

“The ex-president has already won two Grammy awards, for the audio version of his autobiographical books about the American dream. The Emmys are the most important TV award in the USA,” adds DK.

They stole the eight-meter-tall Hulk

Early on Sunday morning, someone stole a large Hulk figure at the festivities in Karpfham (Passau district). The paper describes that between three o’clock and 7.20 someone unknown took away the advertising figure of the company agaSAAT from North Rhine-Westphalia, eight meters high and weighing one hundred kilograms, with which agaSAAT participates in the event every year. Its price is about 15,000 euros. With it, the company promotes a type of corn of the same name.

He disappeared and re-emerged…He disappeared and re-emerged…Source: Diary/DK

“The liberating news came on Monday – he’s here again,” writes DK. She was found at seven o’clock by the groundskeeper – she was lying on the ground, deflated. Photo: Deník/DK/Polizei

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