A motorcyclist was injured under Sedel, a helicopter flew for him

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The motorcyclist’s traffic accident happened on the first weekend of September on the road leading to Červenohorské sedlo. A helicopter was flown for the injured man.

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Motorcyclist accident on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at Červenohorské sedlo.

| Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

On Saturday, September 3, before noon, a thirty-two-year-old foreigner with a Kawasaki Z750 motorcycle crashed under the Červenohorské saddle.

“The man was driving from Červenohorské sedlo in the direction of Kouty nad Desnou. When passing through the left-hand bend number six, as a result of excessive speed, he went off the road to the right, where he hit the guardrails with his motorcycle. The motorcycle bounced from the guardrails back into the traffic lane, while the driver fell over the guardrail and remained lying on a steep slope,” said police spokeswoman Marie Šafářová.

In the accident, the motorcyclist suffered injuries, with which he was airlifted to the Olomouc University Hospital for examination. The police conducted a breath test on him, which had a negative result. Material damage was preliminarily calculated at 155 thousand crowns.

17 traffic accidents occurred on the Červenohorské saddle from September last year to August this year, one of which was fatal.

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