Eurochambres: The energy crisis must also be solved by capping energy prices

Eurochambres: The energy crisis must also be solved by capping energy prices
Eurochambres: The energy crisis must also be solved by capping energy prices

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Representatives of European economic and commercial chambers agreed on the necessity of solving the energy crisis by means of targeted financial compensations to companies, a balanced policy of energy savings and precisely targeted temporary market interventions, i.e. by capping energy prices. Its president Luc Frieden said this at a briefing after the meeting of the presidium of the association of European chambers of commerce and industry Eurochambres. The main message is that, as with any crisis, we need European coordinated action now, he added.

“The European Commission is now proposing capping the prices of so-called inframarginal producers, i.e. producers of energy from nuclear, coal and some renewable sources. The most expensive power plants, i.e. gas, are not there. We believe that the prices of all electricity should be capped,” added the president of the Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Dlouhy. According to him, even within the Eurochambres, there are no unanimous opinions on this.

The heads of European economic and business chambers in Prague called for immediate measures to help companies cope with rising electricity and gas prices. Extremely high energy prices can lead to a reduction in production, which could have disastrous consequences for the European economy, its competitiveness and the labor market, Frieden said. He expressed the need for a mix of energy sources and their diversification in the medium term.

According to Frieden, the chambers are calling for solidarity and a pan-European solution that would ensure affordable energy for companies and customers. Households and the public sector have significant reserves in terms of energy savings, while businesses have in many ways already exhausted all savings options, Frieden pointed out.

The proposal prepared for Friday’s extraordinary meeting of energy ministers of EU member states was presented by the President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen. The EC proposes to introduce a price ceiling on gas imported from Russia. In addition, the EU executive is counting on the use of unexpected profits of energy companies to help vulnerable consumers or on the mandatory limitation of electricity consumption during the busiest hours.

The Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela (for STAN) said yesterday at a meeting of the Senate Committee on the Economy that the Czechia will try to remove the question of a possible capping of gas prices from Russia from the agenda. According to him, it is rather a political tool, not a solution to the current energy crisis in Europe. On Friday, he wants to discuss, for example, the separation of electricity and gas prices, tax changes for energy producers and distributors, or emission allowances.


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