Mitrofanov: Against Fiala, they are morons and garbage

15/09/2022 9:35 | From networks

Journalist Alexandr Mitrofanov praised the government and reprimanded its opponents. He wrote that they are more or less “advanced morons”. According to Tomáš Prouza, the government secured jobs for lift operators and many others with its help with energy. However, political scientist Pehe sees danger in declassified American materials and Kremlin payrolls.

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Description: Alexandr Mitrofanov and Petr Pithart

Publicist and journalist Alexandr Mitrofanov commented on his Twitter about how he sees the current government and its opponents. According to him, the choice is absolutely clear.

“I am not overflowing with feelings towards the current government, in fact towards any political entity or politician. But in the current situation, it is the government that has a direction that suits me,” he said at the beginning of his post and went on to assess the government’s opponents.

“A horde of more or less advanced morons and trash, driven by a bunch of hochstaplers, stands against her,” Mitrofanov is clear, which he confirms in the last sentence.

“The choice is clear.”

Tomáš Prouza, president of the Trade and Tourism Association and vice-chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, also expressed his sympathy for the government and its actions on his Twitter account.

He, in turn, acknowledges aid to companies with high energy prices.

“Today, the government has extended help for small and medium-sized businesses with high energy prices even if they are connected to high voltage,” he wrote.

“This is how hotels, ski resorts and many others can survive the current crisis – and above all their employees have job security,” Prouza is sure.

Václav Havel’s former advisor, political scientist Jiří Pehe, is also returning to the Czech political scene. But he rather mentions concerns about the fact that some Czech politicians could be on the Kremlin’s payroll. The documents with an overview of these payrolls have just been declassified.

“According to declassified American documents, Russia has paid up to 300 million dollars since 2014 to influence politicians in Western countries,” writes Pehe.

“Even some Czech politicians may have reason to fear that lists with the names of people on the Russian payroll will also appear,” the political scientist concludes his tweet.

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