Idris Elba dreams of a smart city in Africa where up to a million people will live


At first, we were confused as to how we could drink tourists on the most beautiful ten kilometers west, starting with Elba, with the fact that his friend from childhood and the grandson of one of the Sierra Leonean presidents, Siaka Stevens, had led him to the wrong place. But as their weight deepened, the idea of ​​turning Sherbro Island into a tourist resort turned into something much more.

Sierra Leone

Main city: Freetown

Official language: English language

Resident Poet: 8.9 million (2023 estimate)

Sttn zzen: presidential republic

President: Julius Maada Wonie Bio

Area: 71,740 km2

You are filling an ecologically sustainable, smart city of the future. Now the project also includes the interior of the power plant. They will be the first in See Leone, where not even a third of the population has access to electronics. They should be built by the European company Octopus Energy Generation, according to the BBC.

Stevens noted that he soon realized how poorly prepared this African country was for luxury resorts and this type of tourism. Sherbro Island is two hours away from the mainland by boat, notes The Times.

It’s a dream, but you know, I work in a dream factory, continues the actor, who became famous for his roles in the series Luther and The Wire of Mr. Baltimore or the films Thor, The Mountain Between Them and Mandela: The Long Road to Freedom. Fans may also remember him from the American version of Kancl.

A fifty-one-year-old Briton, his father was born in Sea Leone, now wants the public to see that his dream can come true and change perspectives. I’m talking about self-sufficiency, an economy that can feed itself and have potential growth. I am very sorry to change the way he looks at Africa… as a model of aid. This crime is completely different, add.

March 12, 2024 at 9:55 p.m. pspvek archived: March 18, 2024 at 2:25 p.m.

According to the latest available data from 2013, around ten thousand people go to the island, roughly twice as many as Malta. Stevens announces that Sherbro will have first and economic autonomy from the rest of the country, similar to Disneyworld in Florida.

The construction will begin around Bonthe, the largest town there, but the project also includes the rest of the island, with the fact that it could accommodate a million people. We know that Shebro Island City will be an economic engine for our country and our neighbors, even Sierra Leonean President Julius Maada Wonie Bio came forward.

Elba insists that the island’s character will hopefully remain intact. It’s a beautiful, green world and we don’t want to disturb it in any way, he adds. Funding for his city of the future will come partly from public and partly from private sources.

Whether Elba’s vision will come true, however, is in the stars, just like with similar projects in Africa. Akon is filling its Wakanda in Senegal, and an ecologically sustainable satellite city is to be created in Uganda’s Kampala under the baton of Malaysia. Sm Elba, however, doubts that his city will ever be extended. And pesto is worth it.

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I want to build this beautiful retirement home for my mom. Never in my life did I think that I could build a warehouse for a new smart city. I’m not qualified for that. But I can dream big, to be an actor and remember my father.

He would tell him that his dreams are big. But he would be drunk and have some advice, think Elba. If it comes down to it, she’d be one of them. Give it to me, with all your heart, because that’s the best thing to give me, would be the kind.

Sherbro Island in Siee Leone:

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