Tusk spoke of the “pre-war era”. But he doesn’t want to scare anyone


War is no longer a thing of the past. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has warned of the threat posed to Europe by the conflict in Ukraine, saying that for the first time since the end of World War II, the continent has entered a “pre-war era” and Russia may attack another European country, The Guardian newspaper reported.


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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has warned of the threat posed to Europe by the conflict in Ukraine, saying the continent has entered a “pre-war era” for the first time since the end of the Second World War. “I know it sounds overwhelming, especially for young people, but we have to get used to the fact that a new era has begun: the pre-war era. I’m not exaggerating,” he said with the fact that everything will be decided in the following two years.

In an interview on Friday with the Lena media network, which brings together Europe’s largest newspaper alliance, Tusk said: “I don’t want to scare anyone, but the war is no longer in the past. It is real and actually started over two years ago. What is most worrying at the moment is the fact that literally any scenario is possible,” Tusk said.

“We need a strong alliance with the US and at the same time we need to be independent and self-sufficient in defense. Our job is to nurture transatlantic ties, regardless of who becomes president of the United States,” Tusl continued.

He pointed out that Moscow also does not hesitate to use unconventional weapons against European countries, such as waves of refugees. “They want us to reach a point where we have to deny our own laws and values,” the Polish prime minister said.

Tusk’s comments come days after a Russian missile briefly breached Polish airspace during a major attack on Ukraine, prompting Warsaw to put its armed forces on high alert.

Seeking to inject urgency into European debates on defense and aid to Ukraine amid concerns about the future of US aid and the capacity of the defense industry, Tusk posted on social media earlier this month: “Real solidarity with Ukraine? Less talk, more ammunition.” The Polish prime minister said that regardless of the outcome of this year’s US elections, Europe would become a more attractive partner for Washington if it became militarily self-sufficient.

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author: Natalia Brozovská


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