US CONGRESS: About us without us

US CONGRESS: About us without us
US CONGRESS: About us without us

In the American Congress, decisions are being made about Ukraine, but also about Central Europe, i.e. about us. I have to exceptionally agree with President Zelensky – unless massive military aid arrives from the US, Ukraine will begin to retreat. Ammunition is running out, air defenses are completely lacking, the Russians are stronger, more numerous and better equipped.
Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, the US government has been sending military equipment to Kiev from its stockpile, which it then replenishes with money released by Congress. But in December, the funding ran out, and American military aid has been crippled ever since.
Republicans have been boycotting another and this crucial aid for a quarter of a year in the House of Representatives.
The countries of Western Europe are clearly not afraid of Russia’s invasion of their territory, and they don’t need to be. Putin wants his Soviet empire back and unfortunately we belong to it. When the Ukrainians raise the white flag, the loyal Slovaks and Hungarians will willingly open the borders like Pandora’s box. And we will desperately call to Washington and Berlin, where, of course, it will be permanently occupied.
Does it seem unrealistic to you? Weapons are one thing, but the number of soldiers is still the deciding factor. And Ukraine no longer has anyone to call to defend the country, while Vladimir Putin has hundreds of thousands more soldiers at his disposal! If the interests of American Republicans prevail and their candidate wins the presidential election, then we can slowly start repeating Russian and writing in Cyrillic.
Germany, France, and Britain cannot save Central Europe by themselves, even if they wanted to.
And the North Atlantic Alliance. The Americans are completely dominating there, followed by the Turks, who have the largest army in NATO and relations with Russia are historically very complicated, however, with a cursory glance at the world map, even a simpleton must accept the fact that the Turks will certainly not protect us from the Russian threat.
Perhaps only Poland is worth mentioning, which would like to become (after all, it already was) the American armory of Europe. Still, it can’t compare to Russia at the moment, although given the extremely strained relations between the two countries, I have no doubt that the Poles would fight as hard as the Ukrainians do now. But they are already tired and Russia is bringing new and new forces. And do you know why the Russian army has been growing dangerously recently? Intimidation, propaganda or other mobilization? But where. Money! Putin has decided that he will motivate the adepts with excellent financial conditions, as he knows very well that further mobilization would not benefit him much domestically. At the moment, over 70 percent of Russians are faithfully behind him.
So here we have another “about us without us” story.
Great powers have always parceled up the world. and the little ones just watch. In which sphere of influence will he probably place us this time?

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