CONTROVERSY: Tragedy, Reality and Russian Propaganda

CONTROVERSY: Tragedy, Reality and Russian Propaganda
CONTROVERSY: Tragedy, Reality and Russian Propaganda

Barely half a year ago, Mr. Bartoň wrote an article in which he argued against General Řehka’s statement that “Eternal peace is an illusion.” (although this is an obvious fact empirically proven by historical development). Since this fact is obvious to anyone who has managed at least a few years of history at school, Mr. Bartoň, in his indignation, took it from the forest and put it together for himself: a subjective story from his own compulsory military service from his youth; emphasizing the (again obvious) fact that global nuclear war would be terrible; fear of Russia’s power, and finally the “logical” conclusion that it is necessary to leave Ukraine to Russia in order to avoid a global nuclear war. The simple logical fact that if a state asserts itself through nuclear blackmail, then this subsequently leads to a more frequent repetition of this phenomenon and at the same time to a desperate attempt by other states to acquire nuclear weapons as well and thus to a far worse situation than it is now, for Mr. Bartona it is certainly understandable, but remains unmentioned by him. Apparently, in an effort not to spoil the popular propaganda line in the style: “We have to accommodate Russia, or a nuclear apocalypse will break out and we will all perish.” (see here for more on that article).

Currently, Mr. Bartoň came up with the article “We choose between tragedy and realism”. To create a tragic atmosphere, he helped by quoting from the commentary of Mr. Václav Vlk st. “A New Age of Tragedy Comes”. This commentary is composed of relatively vague fears and sighs about how terrible everything is, the world is collapsing, the West in particular is going badly, and we’re in danger of a new world war (which the West is allegedly trying to initiate for some reason), accompanied by a series of not-so- of continuous quotes attempting to draw a parallel between the current situation and that of the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 20th century. Basically, the only argument put forward is that the majority of states in the UN have a different opinion and that some EU states consider the situation in Ukraine to be less fundamental than the way the Czech Republic perceives it. With all due respect to the author of the comment, this is not too shocking, as states, especially those geographically different, have different priorities. On the other hand, it is nice that the author of the comment sticks to presenting his fears about the coming decline (which is his full right, and many of the fears he mentioned are justified, even if they are not so catastrophic on closer inspection).

The only strange moment is his sigh: “As it was possible to listen to on 24/03/2024 in a discussion on CNN, where the pirates were represented by the vice-president of the PS Olga Richterová. She stood on the unequivocal position that the only and fundamental criminal of the entire world is Putin and Russia, which we must destroy.This is strange, because in that debate Mrs. Richter repeatedly calls Putin and Russia a major security threat, but I did not hear that demand to destroy Russia there. I would like to believe that I misheard myself and that it is not just “poetic license” on the part of Mr. Vlk, and if not, I would welcome information on how many minutes of the debate this statement was made.

On the other hand, Mr. Bartoň decided to feed on the aforementioned comment and use the dramatically depicted tragic scenery for his favorite nuclear scare. So we learn from him that the US is weakened, but at the same time that the West is supposedly talking “how to win a nuclear war“, from which Mr. Bartoň concludes that the West is about to start a nuclear war, for the reason that he thinks that “We will destroy Russia and there will finally be a paradise on Earth.It is interesting that, according to the author, the West still intends to destroy Russia (Which is apparently a reference to the traditional “pickles of evil Western imperialists”. – JZ’s note), but Russia’s favorite pastime is threatening to aim nuclear weapons, which happens whenever Russia does something he doesn’t like, like for example one intended radar in Brdy, Mr. Bartoň somehow misses it.

Furthermore, the well-known fact is repeated that the nuclear powers often fight each other in the form of proxy conflicts, which reduces the risk of a direct clash and therefore of nuclear escalation (see the history of the Cold War, which ended with the defeat of the USSR). However, surprisingly and contrary to his ostentatious fear of nuclear war, the author claims that the West should stop “play a game of “proxy” wars“. And what, according to the author, should the West do? Well, of course how else: “To discuss global issues seriously and realistically with Russia.In other words, to satisfy Russia, to discuss Ukraine without Ukraine in the style of Munich. And does the author realize that those global issues include, for example, Russia’s wish that the new (adopted after 1997, i.e. including us) NATO member states have limited rights within the alliance according to Russia’s wishes?

The author tries to mask his obvious sympathy and responsiveness to Russian wishes with the very tragic scenery borrowed from Mr. Vlk and the subsequent addition of a mixture of would-be objective evidence of the decline of the West. Allegedly, a strong BRICS bloc has formed against the West, which has comedic undertones, as its participants do not actually cooperate with each other beyond general declarations, they have different interests and priorities and sometimes even conflicts (such as India and China) and it is certainly not and will not be a military bloc standing united against the West. Russia has its own worries (and the decades-awaited “golden ruble” is still nowhere to be found), Brazil is barely managing internal problems, and South Africa is in danger of heading in the same direction as Zimbabwe. The piquancy is that, for some unknown reason, the author considers South Africa in particular to be a key pillar of the anti-Western bloc and writes:The Republic of South Africa fundamentally supports the Palestinians and has already passed a resolution in the UN demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.In addition, he flaunts the (non-binding) resolution of the UN General Assembly, where a lot of bizarre resolutions have already passed, including a disproportionate number against Israel, but also a few against Russia, without achieving anything. However, any “argument” is obviously good for Mr. Jan Bartona’s stubborn wish “We have to accommodate Russia”.

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