BIG BEN: Who are these Houthis anyway?

BIG BEN: Who are these Houthis anyway?
BIG BEN: Who are these Houthis anyway?

Czech readers who still only have fragmentary reports about ship raids in the Red Sea probably imagine the Hútík as a bunch of semi-literate desert rebels in camel leather sandals and thongs with Kalashnikovs on their shoulders. Something similar to the Afghan Taliban, before whom the most modern armed Western coalition fled like frightened partridges.

Anglophone media still call them “group” after all. A “group” of sorts. So it may boggle our minds (if we notice it at all, it doesn’t concern our basin) where they get the missile and drone capability to stop navigation in the Red Sea on which Asia’s trade with Europe depends. The answer is Iran, which directs them just like those of Hamas and Hezbollah and who knows which other Islamic militants in the holy war against the West.

Like Marxists and Banders

We should more accurately call them “Huthis” or “Huthis” according to the grammatical patterns of Marxists or Banders. They took the name from their religious and political leader, Hussein al-Houthi, who led their rebellion against Yemen’s internationally recognized government. He died in it twenty years ago and his brother Abdul-Malik al-Houthi took over the command. That name is actually just a nickname. Their official name is Ansar-Allah, which means something like helpers of Allah.

Although they have controlled the capital Sana’a and with it a large part of Yemen’s territory and most of its population for almost ten years after victories over government troops, they are not internationally recognized as its government. They are a very sharp thorn in the ass of the official government, which is kept alive only by Saudi, and therefore American, military aid, and they also annoy neighboring Saudi Arabia. They even fired rockets at Israel a few times. Nice “group”.

Whichever skirmishes they get into, they win. Almost ten years now. Despite occasional reluctant interventions by the mighty West, which means only the US and a bit of Britain. So now, from autumn 2023, they control the passage through the Red Sea and have forced most of the commercial traffic to sail around the whole of Africa. What this will ultimately do to European import prices, or even the availability of Asian commodities, no one dares to guess yet.

Hell, let him know about it

So what are they after? In the short term, about the return to Yemen of its specific offshoot of Shiite Islam called Zeydis, which ruled here for a thousand years until the victory of socialism over colonialism in the 1960s. How this branch differs from the other minority Shia Islam and then from the majority Sunni Islam, we will leave it to the Islamologists, the devil, to know about the variety of Islamic multiculturalism.

However, we will note that it also has as its main goal the domination of Islam over the whole world. Which branches will fight for it and which will finally win as the true one, you will not read in the Koran or the hadiths. For the time being, the program that they all have in common, which they care about in the long term, is enough for everyone. And which the Houthis also have in their emblem: “Death to America, death to Israel, curse on the Jews, victory to Islam, Allah is the greatest.”

Although citizens of Yemen, they do not consider themselves Yemenis, but Islamic globalists seeking to build a holy empire without borders and without citizenship. For now, that means being part of an Iran-led alliance called the “Axis of Resistance,” bringing together Shiite militias in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and variously scattered across Asia, Africa, and now Europe. Their supporting backbone is Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and an export terrorist army called the Quds, which trains and arms them all.

Up to the Indian Ocean!

After the success in the Red Sea, to which Biden did not react strongly enough even after the killing of several Americans, the Hutics are taking a liking to the Indian Ocean. China, Russia and Iran’s joint naval maneuvers called “Maritime Security Belt 2024” are taking place there, as if by chance. The author of the idea is Iran, which proposes to create a war (sorry, peace) zone for the member states of the originally economic Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO under the joint leadership of China and Russia, as a counterweight to Western influence.

The SCO also includes Iran, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Oman and the Republic of South Africa. But in this zone – and therefore in direct danger – are also Western allies Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore – and Taiwan.

So there the world is set for the next focus of a possible world war. With four nuclear weapons owners and a fifth on the way. Admittedly, it may not reach our country of the two-tailed lion right away from that distance. But we will still feel it when suddenly there is no pepper, cloves, rice, oil, chips, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, boots – and all the things we got used to from there and can no longer produce.

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