“I don’t care what happens to Ukraine.” Disastrous news from the US


Server The Kyiv Independent drew attention to the poll numberswhich reveal worrying trends.

“Shortly after the full-scale war began, 79% of American voters supported sending weapons to Ukraine and 78% supported sending financial aid, according to a March 2022 Ipsos poll. Two years later, American support for Ukraine has dropped significantly, but a majority of Americans — 58% — they still want their country to send weapons and money to Ukraine to help in its war effort. But when you dig further into the numbers, some troubling trends emerge — and they run in the political spirit: While support among Democrats for arming Ukraine fell from 83% to 75% in two years, among Republicans it fell from 80% in March 2022 to just 45% in February 2024,” the server warned.


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In this context, the Kyiv Independent pointed out that the biggest hawks of American foreign policy once came from among the Republicans. And today, to the greatest extent possible, they question the need to help Ukraine, even if Russia behaves just as aggressively.

“Right now, the fight over Ukraine is a fight for the soul of the Republican Party, and that soul has been corrupted by Donald Trump,” John Conway, the Republicans’ director of Ukraine strategy, told the Kyiv Independent.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was among the clear supporters of aid to Ukraine. And she was soundly defeated in the primaries.

Some of the Republicans base their refusal to help Ukraine on the increasing multipolarity of the world, on the growing role of China.

“For example, Representative Matt Gaetz, who consistently supports Trump’s false narrative about the 2020 election, introduced the ‘Ukraine Fatigue’ resolution in early 2023 in an effort to cut off all aid to Ukraine, arguing that ‘America is in a controlled descent and it’s going to get worse , if we continue to drain taxpayers’ dollars on a foreign war’,” the Kyiv Independent pointed out.

And Ohio Senator JD Vance, a big supporter of Donald Trump, made it clear to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. “I have to be honest with you, I really don’t care what happens to Ukraine.” According to Vance, the top priority for the US should be protecting the US southern border. As for Ukraine, according to the senator, it is enough for the defenders to give up part of their territory to the aggressors and peace can come soon.

In December, Trump told a rally that “immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country,” while Ukraine aid opponent Chip Roy, a Texas representative, described the Biden administration’s immigration policies as “a purposeful effort to dilute our society and undermine our way of life — to destroy Western civilization.”

Without American help, Ukraine will find it more than difficult, but for now they are still trying to show their teeth to the occupiers.

“Ukraine has conducted long-range attacks by unidentified unmanned aerial systems (UAS) against Russian military production and oil refinery infrastructure in the Republic of Tatarstan, more than 1,200 kilometers from the Ukrainian border,” the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) wrote. “The April 2 strikes are Ukraine’s first strikes against Tatarstan, and the targets’ distance from Ukraine’s borders is a significant reflection of Ukraine’s proven ability to conduct long-range strikes far into Russia’s rear. ISW continues to assess that such Ukrainian strikes are a necessary part of Ukraine’s campaign to use asymmetric means to degrade the industries that supply and support the Russian military,” the institute continues.

However, according to ISW, it continues to apply, that the decisive factor will be whether Ukraine receives Western military aid, especially military aid. Although, according to the institute’s analysts, Ukraine will be helped by the wider levies that are being prepared.

ISW informs

ISW informs

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi promised his fellow citizens that the Russians would be brought to justice. In The Hague, Netherlands, more than 4 dozen countries agreed to create a tribunal for Russian war crimes.

“Thank you to everyone who helps. Thanks to the Netherlands for their leadership. I thank the entire team of the International Criminal Court. I thank all the countries that cooperate with us on the basis of the relevant clause of the Ukrainian peace formula. And, of course, I want to thank all Ukrainian police officers, all investigators, all detectives, all prosecutors, all experts, all those who participated in the investigation of Russian war crimes and bringing the perpetrators to justice. Thank you to everyone who is recording evidence and helping victims. This is a tremendous job. To date, only the investigators of the National Police of Ukraine have registered more than 114,000 criminal acts related to Russian aggression. Justice must be done in every case. People must feel this and Russia must be held legally responsible. We are also actively working with our partners on the assets of the terrorist state and its associates. All frozen Russian assets – in various jurisdictions – must be used to defend against Russian aggression and restore normal life in our country after Russian terror. This is an absolute must. And this year, real progress is needed in relevant, completely fair decisions, especially in American and European jurisdictions,” Zelenskyy said.

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Ukraine (War in Ukraine)

Reports from the battlefield are difficult to verify in real time, regardless of whether they come from any side of the conflict. Both warring parties, for understandable reasons, may release completely or partially false (misleading) information.

PL editorial content discussing this conflict can be found on this page.

war in Ukraine

Reports from the battlefield are difficult to verify in real time, regardless of whether they come from any side of the conflict. Both warring parties, for understandable reasons, may release completely or partially false (misleading) information.

You can find brief information regarding this conflict updated by ČTK several times an hour on this page. PL editorial content discussing this conflict can be found on this page.

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