“Protect from the voters and from Trump.” Support for Ukraine is supposed to be irrevocable



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The North Atlantic Alliance is taking its support to Ukraine to a new level. So far, it has made it clear that although its individual members support Ukraine, the Alliance as a whole is not in favor of a clash with Russia. Now NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has earmarked 100 billion euros for arming Ukraine. The proposal is built so that 32 NATO countries contribute to the fund for Ukraine according to the size of their economy.

Stoltenberg’s proposal also calls for NATO to take more control over the coordination of arms deliveries to Kiev from a group called the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine, which has been under US leadership until now. This could limit Donald Trump’s influence on helping Ukraine if he becomes president.

During a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday, officials are expected to discuss a range of options, including the gradual transfer of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine under Alliance control, according to three European officials and a US official familiar with the internal negotiations. “The aim would be to finalize this step at the NATO leaders’ summit in Washington in July,” one of those officials said, according to the Brussels newspaper Politico.

A second US official said another proposal would give NATO a more formal seat at the table within the Ukrainian group, as opposed to moving it under NATO control. “The intention from the US side would be to strengthen ties between NATO and Ukraine for long-term support,” the official said.

The Ukrainian group was established in the first weeks of the war by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to coordinate Western support for the defense of Kiev. She is credited with expediting tens of billions of dollars in equipment, weapons and other aid to Ukraine that have been critical in repelling Russian forces.

“Discussions about NATO’s involvement in this group are taking place at very high levels with the aim of formalizing European and alliance support for Kyiv,” the US official said, adding that one of the considerations ahead of the US and European elections is to ensure the continued continuation of this group.

Defense Department spokesman Maj. Charlie Dietz declined to confirm the meeting, saying the Department of Defense had no new announcements regarding the group’s format or structure. “We are constantly discussing how we can make our support to Ukraine permanent and how we can best organize that support,” Dietz said vaguely.

The group’s transfer to NATO would be a significant step in cementing Western support for the Ukraine war for the foreseeable future, at a time when Europe fears Trump’s return to the White House. In pre-election statements, Trump repeated many times that after his election he would immediately stop aid to Ukraine and negotiate a Russian-Ukrainian peace within 24 hours.

“There’s a sense, not across the group, but in part of the NATO group, that it’s better to institutionalize a process in the event of Trump being re-elected,” said Jim Townsend, a former Pentagon and NATO official. According to him, such a concern is completely legitimate. “The withdrawal of this group under NATO kind of insulates it from the Trump presidency,” he added.

If successful, the move would be the latest in a series of measures taken to strengthen institutions in anticipation of another Trump presidency. Late last year, lawmakers passed a law that would require congressional approval if a future president were to try to withdraw from NATO, and are considering additional safeguards.

Critics of this move argue that it is an obvious effort to wage war at all costs. “Weapons to Ukraine are ‘Trump-safe,’ meaning shipments will continue even if the next president wants to stop them. The goal is a new eternal war,” says David Sacks, entrepreneur and investor.

According to others, it is even fraud on voters and an undemocratic procedure. “If true, it is somewhat undemocratic,” wrote U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

“Democracy is when a regime ensures that wars never end, no matter what the voters decide,” commented commentator Adam Johnston wryly.

According to many, it even points to the fact that the US government is actually controlled by the military. “Make no mistake: this is not ‘Trumpproofing.’ It is about security from the voters. NATO says that no matter what happens, voters will not be able to vote on how to get out of NATO’s war in Ukraine. As I said on Tucker’s show, the point is that the military is replacing electoral control of the government. It’s a military government,” says Mike Benz, founder of the Online Freedom Foundation.

“A textbook example of Eisenhower’s ‘military-industrial complex’ and his antipathy to democracy. In fact, regardless of your support or loathing for him, the Trump years have shown that this complex has grown to now encompass the entire government. They wrapped him in bubble wrap throughout his tenure,” added another.

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