An increase in TV fees? Embarrassing and unnecessary


The discussion about increasing fees for public media is constantly active. There is nothing to be surprised about, as it is undoubtedly a very explosive topic in society. Personally, I don’t like the fact that you actually pay for public media, even if you don’t use them. In my opinion, there is no question of increasing the existing rates. Nevertheless, many politicians deal with them, and quite often. The last time the Minister of Culture Martin Baxa from the ODS spoke about the increase in fees was on the program Rozstrel. So what is the situation with radio and television fees, how much should they possibly increase and how does it work in Slovakia?

The existing fees are already quite high

You pay 135 crowns per month for television and 45 crowns for radio. For the purpose of collecting the aforementioned fees, Czech Television and Czech Radio keep records of taxpayers. You have to log in to it if you use the service provided by Czech Television or Czech Radio. In essence, everyone who has Czech Television as part of their programs in the device itself should pay. The same is the case with Czech Radio.

What do we get for our money?

Personally, I will admit that I prefer nothing to too many women. I like sports and, for example, such football competitions are broadcast by commercial media. It’s the same with tennis. Lesser-known sports are getting more and more space, which is nice, but the level of some programs really matches those concession fees. Just at random I can mention various old vaudeville shows that were enjoyed by audiences many years ago. I just feel like it’s not enough for the money. Journalism, in my opinion, has also gone down a lot.

An increase of no more than 25 crowns?

The aforementioned Minister of Culture Baxa spoke about him. In essence, he reassured the public that the increase should not exceed 25 crowns. I immediately felt a little more comfortable that I wouldn’t have to withdraw more money. No, in my opinion, only the debate about raising fees is nonsense.

Nothing is paid in Slovakia

Of course, the Slovak government is now adjusting the conditions for the election of the television management. Prime Minister Fico criticized public television many times. Nevertheless, it must be said that nothing is paid for it in Slovakia. Public media are financed by the state, from the state budget. It’s not supposed to be like that with us. Why? I would like to pay more for public television, but it would also have to offer much more.

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