A disease similar to covid appeared in Argentina, its cause is unclear

A disease similar to covid appeared in Argentina, its cause is unclear
A disease similar to covid appeared in Argentina, its cause is unclear

What these patients have in common is respirable sweat with bilateral pneumonia and damage visible on X-ray, it is very similar to covid. We have found that bag, according to The Independent newspaper, Luis Medina Ruiz, Minister of Health in the province of Tucumn in the north of Argentina, said.

The disease first appeared there. In addition to pain in the whole body and problems with breathing, it manifests itself as vomiting, diarrhea and high fever. In addition to the coronavirus, they found hantaviruses, chipovirus and some strains of legionella as the culprits, but all tests were negative.

Among the nine people who contracted the disease, there are eight female nurses and a 70-year-old female patient in the intensive care unit in the capital of the province. She underwent surgery for problems with her pelvis. The operation was repeated twice. After that, an infectious lung disease began to manifest itself, the minister continued.

It was at the same time that symptoms appeared in other patients, around August 20, he added. By the afternoon of the fifth day, in addition to this woman, two people had died. Dal two are now on the ventilator and their status is out.

Not even patient zero is clear

Ruiz pointed out that it is not certain whether the elderly woman was patient zero. One of the infected nurses was the first to die on Monday, then two more died two days later. Vichni died and had other health problems.

Experts are now testing water and air conditioning samples. And the Luz Media hospital, where most of the patients were, still found itself in isolation. A policeman is lurking outside the building. ady thus called on all those who might have been in contact with the infected to report it.

At the moment, there is no clear evidence that the disease would spread from hunter to hunter, because among people who have been in close contact with the infected, there has not yet been a single case of infection, according to the Deutsche Welle station.

The situation is, in principle, irreversible. More than eleven days have passed and each patient’s disease progresses differently. Only we have to wait for that development, because it is a disease of slow origin. That’s why its development is so unpredictable, explained Ruiz.

Experts from the European Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization (WHO) are also closely monitoring the situation in Argentina.

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