The girl was unhappy with the birthmark, today she proudly shows it

The girl was unhappy with the birthmark, today she proudly shows it
The girl was unhappy with the birthmark, today she proudly shows it

As a child, she longed for social activities. No one invited her to birthday parties, she didn’t go to clubs, and she spent most of her time alone. She is said to have been very impressed by this and regrets that she has only a minimum of beautiful memories of her childhood. “A lot of kids go through something similar. We should support such children and not condemn them,” the girl thinks.

All her life, together with doctors and parents, she believed that it was just a birthmark, which was not dangerous. But when she lost feeling in her hand and felt frequent tingling, she realized that something was not right. A friend persuaded her to see a doctor. “I was glad to finally get a final diagnosis. Although I live in constant fear that I could easily bleed out and die, I already know what’s wrong with me,” she continued.

Doctors diagnosed her with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. It is a rare disease in which the vessels of soft tissues and bones are insufficiently developed, resulting in various deformities. The vessels are dilated, enlarged and the blood flow in them is changed. A very noticeable “birthmark” appears on the skin, covering a large part of the body.

“I had huge anxiety for years. I was afraid to go out, I often fell into states of absolute helplessness. Depression recurred and I often thought about suicide. But I learned to like it. I have accepted myself and am grateful to be alive. No one has the right to destroy your lives and hurt you. We all deserve to have a beautiful life without fear. And everyone is beautiful,” she confided to Metro.

Intensive therapy with a psychologist and meetings with people who have similar problems helped her with everything. She also found help on social networks, where she discovered a community of people who, like her, had been bullied because of their appearance. “Be strong and don’t be afraid to show the world your beauty, don’t suffocate your fears and confide in someone,” she added.

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