Mafia vs. Mafia: Sicilian mobsters teach New York families a lesson

The mobsters from the era of New York’s established crime syndicates called them different names, but none of those monikers conveyed admiration or respect. Their classic nickname was Beppe mustache, something like a PepciL mustache. This is how young people from the countryside who immigrated to the United States of America from the Sicilian countryside called themselves.

For several generations, Italian-Americans living in America have perceived even the dog’s linguistic, cultural and often familial strangeness only as a stupid wanderer, a mere bully in the big city.

Letting them behind the wheel of a car was an immediate prelude to a traffic accident, they could drive around the subway for days without even getting to where they wanted to go. They were at a loss with English and did not understand their language or speak it natively.

On the sidewalks of the boulevard, they allowed each other to shout at each other, their food was reminiscent of the past century, their hygiene and eating habits had perhaps even disappeared. They could not break away from their customs and family traditions in the New World. It was just another, no sorta.

But they also had muscles, guts, determination. And on top of that, the past, which Carmine Galante, a self-proclaimed one of the five mafia families in New York, was able to exploit masterfully.

New Underworld

He had long been aware that the police had his most wanted killers on the lookout and were watching their every move. Besides that, Pepci knrat were completely FOB, i.e. fresh off the boat. The item was first removed from the ship. No contact, name in the register, new ones. That is why, as the first mafia boss in the entire United States, he willingly included them in the organization of the Bonanno family.

These young people from the country wanted to collect a large pension quickly, and so they were able to accept, much cheaper, orders for very interesting work, which New York criminals were not very interested in. From home, the Sicilians were used to a climate of relative freedom, and therefore they were not afraid of parties and police raids. They didn’t mind murdering in front of witnesses because no one knew them.

And when they killed, they got angry. They were brutal. They didn’t follow anyone’s path, they quietly left the city with bloody hands. So often they used explosives and bombs, which the American mafia, because of civilian casualties, gas noise and media coverage, got angry.

That’s what they were called in the underworld, a little more reverently and cautiously, like Zips. That’s why, when talking to each other, they spoke lightning bolts, zipped, various Sicilian dialects and whatnot. The splatter of words could only be understood by st. In many cases, the nickname was derived from the so-called Zip guns. Home-made and highly improvised firearms, which they used popularly. Technologically imperfect double-headed pistols and real manual canisters full of chopped steel had the advantage that they did not carry industrial ammunition, their ballistic profile did not exist, and they could not be traced.

Otherwise, they were unusually consistent and persistent. If they got someone on a contract, they wouldn’t let him die naturally, even if he was on his deathbed. The other mafia bosses, who didn’t like the Zips very much, realized later that the constant persuasion of the Sicilian gangs was taking away the potential for growth.

Galante created a private army of them over the course of fifty or so years. With his help, he practically created a monopoly on the most lucrative business in the defense of organized crime. Heroin business.

Pizza and heroin: the perfect match

Mr. Untouchable. The president had to put the Harlem mobster in jail

He sold drugs, ordered murders, bribed the police, mocked people, made pompous gestures. And then he killed his companions and his wives. Nicky Barnes spent the rest of his life under a different identity than a dozen old men.

His life command could not be vt. He used to be a drug lord, the powerful ruler of Harlem. He spent his second life as a saleswoman in a supermarket. In the meantime, he sprayed his girlfriend, girlfriend and lover. For infidelity, a plunderer of his empire. Nicky Barnes never regretted it.

Despite the fact that Carmine Galante was already of below average intelligence, he always preferred to be rude. He was prone to psychopathic behavior, he was paranoid. Not that this could be considered a handicap given his professional background, his criminal instincts worked almost flawlessly. The sophistication of his operations, however, he willingly relied on the leaders of the old homeland. On the Palermo godmothers, belonging to the original branches of Cosa Nostra.

It worked perfect. A morphine paste arrived at the laboratory in Palermo from a producer in Turkey and Southeast Asia to be transformed into heroin. This was then stored in cans with pickled tomatoes and olives, the most famous San Marzano signs. As a bulk shipment of food and raw materials, they were delivered to the United States.

The goods were cleared on the same day, and delivered through warehouses and distribution centers to hundreds of pizzerias across America. It was fascinating in several aspects: he brought Galante to the United States in an official way. It was brought to bed, it did not notice itself. The big innovation was distribution. Family pizzerias and Sicilian trattorias were empty, creating a perfect mess. Thanks to the honesty of the restaurant, for the first time, heroin reached the region without complications, where hard drugs had reached only 100,000 people. To the American Midwest, to rural locations, to states like Illinois or Wisconsin.

There was a virgin and untouched community of consumers who had the means for the expensive hobby of heroin addiction. And where were the pizzerias? There they could penetrate the co-created muffin very quickly with pizza toppings, for example the popular Al-Dente. Or he had bakeries, shops with Italian delicacies. It was uinn zlat dl.

Galante, despite his mediocrity, was able to steal large pensions for his competitors and for inexplicable times, deposit them in real estate and land and take them abroad through banking operations. To Italy, Italy. And you to Jin America, from where they returned to him transformed into cocaine. Which meant he gave the expansion of his business.

Praise and worship of heroin

The bosses of the other New York mafia families just watched their power decline. Due to the monopoly on heroin, Galante had almost unlimited sources of finance. Each shipment of canned goods from Europe gave him a financial injection for 60 million. Pitom Zips always covered for him. Gradually, to the displeasure of others, the gangster took over one area of ​​someone else’s illegal business after another. Inflammatory, prisons, gambling houses, prostitution. Galante was soon in trouble.

The mafia exists. She got the FBI to admit they had a problem in Apalachin

Much more. In this gangster hacienda in Appalachia, the most mafia meeting took place. She did not attract the attention of a sharp and diligent police officer.

She denied its existence for many years. The Mafia is an idea, the FBI claimed, there is only one danger, red left, subversive political elements. Then, in 1957, the mafia sat down in the sleepy town of Apalachin and, betrayed by its summit, the federal intelligence agency forced him to admit that Cosa Nostra was real.

That is why his competitors watched with bloody joy when he was sentenced to 20 years on the 10th of January 1962 for narcotics trafficking. Optimism soon faded, however, because nothing had changed for him on the streets.

It turned out that Carmine Galante was officially in the hierarchy of the Bonanno mafia family and second in command. Not that anyone would believe it, the hot-tempered Galante held the entire power in his hands. But the head of the family and the elected boss under him, at least in theory, was Joseph Bonanno and his successors. The immodest Galante always represented them personally in the company, he would constantly ask for instructions and authority.

The five mafia families hoped that the Bonanno clan would calm down the situation a little after the forced departure of Galante. However, there was no way to return to the old shoes. Before his departure, Galante put the management of the company in the hands of Zips for me, and he went on fluently, almost as if he were free.

Zips was a long way from some rural noises. They functioned as a closed section, a family in the middle of a family. And that’s why they were dangerous.

Galante did not remain in prison after all, he was given a conditional release. And then he acted like a moron from Etz. In 1976, he becomes the boss of the Bonanno family and joins the others. But the triumph will not come to the fool. On the 12th of April 1979, when he was visiting on the private terrace of the Joe & Marys family restaurant in the Knickerbocker neighborhood, men in woolly hats approached him. And they spread him on the floor. It was an execution with vm voodoo. She was approved by the ousted leader of the Bonanno family, along with all the other New York mafia families.

This is how the Bonanno family was seen by the vet.

Where were the bodyguards inseparable from Galante, those shoulder Zips? They disappeared just before the murderers marched. Even they had enough of the self-proclaimed heroin king. They didn’t need him. They were serving someone else all the time.

Balci from the island brought the mafia to its knees

Carmino Galante actually played the role of a useful idiot who, with his initiative, did not hesitate to help the resident hundred gangster from Sicily. Full of devoted and loyal old Palermo godfathers. It wasn’t just the militant Sicilian faction of the Bonannos who were fools all along. They were a full-fledged Sicilian psobc mafia in New York. Galante only made their way easier and with his desire for power helped achieve autonomy for the American organization.

They integrated themselves into the created illegal structures, grew with them, controlled them from the outside. And the shackled mafia from New York families, the smooth Italian-American gangstei, they had yet to find out.

Those pivanders, goat herders and unripe olive hunters, the peasants from the countryside, were perfect.

The new f New York Zips, Salvatore Toto Catalano, in the name of his Palermo f made an offer to a few New York families, which only five refused. Don’t leave Galante to them for all the businesses and areas that he has taken. And you still have your illegal office, knock out the firebrand and kill the girls. But heroin, that super-dedicated pizzeria business, keep it strictly to yourself. It was an agreement, there was no need to negotiate.

It turned out that Zips, a complete heroin trader, from production to distribution, had been in control since January 1975. By May 1984, the dog had earned them $1.6 billion. Unreal balk. Elaborate financial operations and mechanisms of money laundering, which were beyond the mental capabilities of the cruel Galante, were all the time worked from the safety of Brazil by the godfather Gaetano Badalamenti, a native of Palermo.

Gaetano Baldalamenti. He gave a big figure to the mafia

Gave judgment. This is how Joseph Bonanno smiled in front of him in 1966.

Wherever Carmino Galante had done something unheard of in the past, clever, dexterous and prompt, the legible manuscript of Palermo’s Cosa Nostra was suddenly visible.

The relationship with Rumen is limited

American investigators have recorded large-scale power coups in the tradition of mafia meetings thanks to their informants and undercover agents. And they got down to business. The collection of evidence was unbearably laborious, but for a somewhat unexpected reason, because of the volume. In spite of their and clan narrowness, these Sicilians did not stand out in the art of modern conspiracy.

They routinely called their accomplices from the same phone booths, they carried notes with phone messages to their contacts in their pockets and threw them away. The police collected 55 thousand tapes of compromising wiretapping. Over the years, the FBI and its partners have amassed a mountain of evidence.

Over time, the investigation grew into a large-scale international force, which was influenced by the special forms of the New York police, the anti-drug agency, and the US customs service. And so the travel agent from agencies in Italy, Sicily, Spain, Austria, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Mexico.

As a result of this international cooperation, a coordinated crackdown against the Sicilian mafia was carried out, with the arrest of all the union representatives, including Badalamenti and Catalano. And so 17 months of dragging process.

He definitively ended the rule of the Sicilian Zips in the United States and started the so-called Pizza connection, the pizza-connected supply and distribution network of heroin. The trial, which took place from 1985 to the end of 1987, was a great celebration of justice. Critics, however, could not get rid of the impression that by removing the Sicilians from the game, the field was cleared again for the tradition of the New York mafia family. And even so, the poet is quite capable of the magical role of a used fool, similar to the once-brutal Carmino Galante.

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