The story of a Russian agent: the jeweler and the officers

“They infiltrate computer systems, spy on politicians, carry out sabotage operations, and even kill those who have come into conflict with Moscow,” warn the authors of the article. They ask why Germany saw this danger so late.

The diary describes the story of a woman with a Russian passport named Maria Adela Kuhfeldtová Riverová, who lived in Europe for years, traveled and, according to journalists, penetrated as far as the NATO base in Italy. “Five months after her sudden disappearance, she gave signs that she was alive. She told friends on Facebook in an emotional post that she tried to hide from herself. But now he has to come out with the truth. She had cancer, she wrote,” they described the story.

Like importing gas

Friends from the network reacted to the message with concern. However, the woman disappeared again shortly after, leaving friends in limbo, saying she appeared to have made up the illness and other details.

In Germany, they are investigating suspicions of espionage for Russia at the ministry


“Concealment and deception appear to be key elements of her profession: the alleged businesswoman appears to have actually been a spy for the Russian Federation,” wrote Spiegel, who worked on the case with the Italian daily La Repubblica and platforms Bellingcat and The Insider.

The woman, who claimed to be a jewelry designer, became the secretary of the Lion Club, where NATO officers met, and attended their events, according to journalists. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, she was acting as an agent of the Russian military intelligence agency GRU, targeting NATO officers in Naples.

According to German journalists, the authorities ignored the threats for a long time. “Germany’s response to Moscow’s spies has long resembled its stance on the import of Russian natural gas. While the states of Eastern Europe, the US and Britain warned of the operations of the Russian intelligence services, the governments in Berlin, Paris and Rome preferred to turn a blind eye to the coming storm,” wrote Spiegel.

La Repubblica describes the case of the alleged agent as “the most stunning action of the GRU on Italian territory”. According to journalists, the woman had a “tangled legend”. She claimed to have been born in Peru, but was raised in Russia. She was supposed to get there during the Olympic Games in 1980 with her Peruvian mother, who left her with a Russian family. She then settled in Italy around 2012, and even got married there.

Russian spies were betrayed by an overly sexy female companion


She founded a jewelry company and opened a store in Naples. She was very actively involved in social life and organized parties. When she became secretary of the Lion’s Club Napoli Monte Nuovo association in 2015, she had an open path among NATO soldiers. The association was founded and operated by officers from the NATO Joint Command and from the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet Command in Naples.

According to the media, when entering Italy, the woman used a travel document with a number from the same series as other agents of the Russian GRU intelligence, including the well-known pair of “Petrov and Bashirov”, real names Anatoly Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin, who left their traces in the British Salisbury and Český Vrbětice. Journalists found out that the “agent’s” name is actually Olga Kolobova and she now allegedly works for the Russian Pension Fund.

Czech and British police officers joined forces. Vrbětice and Skripal are treated as one case


Olga-Adela allegedly lived in Italy for at least ten years. The investigators did not find out what exactly she told the Russians. She returned to Russia in 2018 after the perpetrators of the attack on former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were revealed.

The Russian Embassy in Italy responded on its Telegram channel with a joke drawing with the caption in both Russian and Italian: “If you see Russian spies everywhere, then maybe you read La Repubblica too much.”

The article is in Czech

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