He appeared in public for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer! King Charles III attended the Easter service


King Charles III. (75) and queen Camilla (76) attended the Easter service in the chapel of St. South to Windsor Castle. This is their first joint and public appearance since the British monarch was diagnosed with cancer.

Hundreds of royal family members flocked to the castle. Manel shook hands with several of them, waved to them and shared Easter cheers. Charles III he immediately spoke about his state of health: Dlm, what to him stated According to the copper, the king’s public appearance is noticeably positive.

Even a source from the thumb shared with The Sun newspaper that it is the king’s first public appearance since being diagnosed with cancer, very grateful. He even called it a significant step. In public, Charles III. discovered after the case not eight weeks.

Today was a great step. As you can see, in recent weeks the King has responded very encouragingly to the head and his servants have been able to slightly adjust their instructions regarding what His Majesty is now able to undertake, including the Easter service and the greeting of his followers, who have kindly shown their support, said a source for The Sun.

King Charles III. and Queen Camilla

The source immediately changed that Charles III would be king. he could have appeared in public for a long time, especially before his arrest last year. His forehead is long and it is necessary to proceed with caution. Be fully in motion and subject to medical supervision, but there is great hope and optimism on the part of both the doctor and the patient. piznal source.

While His Majesty has of course been carrying out all his official duties in private and has been photographed at a few engagements in the palm of his hand, we hope that today has given the public the benefit of the doubt that His Majesty is having a good time and the road ahead looks very positive. legal source.

King Charles III. and Queen Camilla

A few minutes before the king and queen arrived at the chapel of St. The south was given by the leon of the British royal family. There was, for example, Prince Andrew (64), who was drinking in the car with Princess Anne (73) and his husband Tim Laurence (69). Prince Edward (60) arrived with his family.

However, the Prince and Princess of Wales did not attend the service, because Kate (42) is undergoing preventive chemotherapy and is trying to focus on her recovery. The king and queen both left the event, deciding to skip the reception and ceremony. Instead, they drove back to Windsor Castle.

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