In Wednesday Street, Milena gets a good load. O


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What are we talking about, the heart and soul of Second Chance is Slávek, who arranges practically everything. Now that she is incapacitated, Milena has no choice but to ask Radek for help. But if something goes wrong, then everything is best. An argument with Gábina makes the judge run away from the fight and once again from Jirko’s life.

Slávka’s indisposition will help Radek achieve his goal

Slávek moved his back so unfortunate that he had to go to the emergency room. He received an incapacitation from the doctor, which he made Milena a real line over the budget. Slávek was the one who procured the material, managed the employees, and supervised all the important work. Who will replace him now? Perhaps not Mrs. Pumra herself, who knows nothing about these things?

All that remains is to ask Radek for help, but he allows himself to be involved only on the condition that Milena assigns him a seat on the supervisory board. After all, he can’t work for a non-profit organization with which he officially has nothing to do. He manages to get his way rather easily. Milena must be really desperate at the thought of taking care of everything herself.

Radek will use the opportunity. | Source: TV Nova

An angry judge raises anchor after an argument with Gábina

To make sure the worried Pumra doesn’t have enough on her neck, the impatient Herman Sr. adds more. He reappears at the pub to find out how the steps are proceeding in the mutual interest of the grandchild. Did you manage to convince Jiří to go for a spermiogram examination?

Milena does not know how to skilfully handle a delicate topic, so she simply asks the judge not to rush into such a sensitive matter. In short, certain matters take time, after all, Jirka is currently busy with another demanding case at the police. But as Herman aptly notes, the perfect opportunity may never come. There is always a new case.

Mr. Jiří decides to do it from somewhere else and heads to Gábina without prior notice. She offers him tea and gets an interesting insight into the history of Herman’s family, full of important personalities, talented lawyers, judges and ministers. He suspects that the historical introduction will have some hidden meaning, and it is immediately confirmed when Herman again indicates that he would like the family to continue.

At that moment Gábina runs out of patience. He assures the judge that his son is perfectly healthy. She is the one who cannot have children because of cervical cancer and the subsequent surgery. At the same time smacks him in the face that he’s not really after a grandchild per se, but a chance to pass on his genesso that his famous family does not perish.

Is the judge's behavior understandable or over the line?
Is the judge’s behavior understandable or over the line? | Source: TV Nova

The judge marks Gábina’s behavior as completely inappropriate and walks away without another word. At the same time, in her opinion, his behavior is not much better. One way or another, Herman rushes into the pub to say goodbye to Milena once and for all. He is convinced that Gábina doesn’t like him, that nobody really cares about him in Jirk’s new family, and that it will be best if he doesn’t show up here again. He thanks Milena for trying to reconcile him with his son years later, but it’s obviously pointless. Pumra just stares and doesn’t understand what happened again. He will surely punish Gábina mercilessly for this.

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