What to watch in April? A novelty with Iron Man will arrive on HBO


Fallout, The Sympathizer, or another serial killer. You should check out these series in April on streaming services.

April is here and with it the definite return of warm weather, which does not offer many opportunities to lounge on the couch and watch TV at home. But if you’re still wondering what you should* be making time for this month, the following overview summarizes the biggest news on streaming services. So what can we look forward to?


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Ripley (4th of April)

The series by award-winning screenwriter Steven Zaillan (The Irishman, American Gangster, Moneyball) will offer a new take on the well-known story of charismatic con artist and serial killer Tom Ripley. The character was played by Matt Damon in the past, but this time he will be played by British actor Andrew Scott, while this time we are waiting for a stylish crime film exclusively in black and white format for an even greater cinephile experience.

Dead young detectives (25th of April)

Do you like young adult stories and enjoy magical realism, or do you read, for example, Neil Gaiman’s novels? Then you will certainly be interested in the mysterious detective novel from Netflix, in which two… ghosts take on the role of central investigators of paranormal cases. It sounds a little crazy, but the series is an adaptation of a popular comic series, so the creators have something to build on.


Sympathizer (April 14)

One of the great contenders for the best novelty this year, the series from the award-winning South Korean creator Chan-uk Pak (Suspicious, Old Boy), will tell the story of a double agent in the last days of the Vietnam War, how he is subsequently sent into exile in the USA. Hoa Xuande will appear in the main role, who will then be joined by Robert Downey Jr., who just won an Oscar, in a supporting role. We are very much looking forward to it!

Amazon Prime Video

Fallout (April 11)

Well, now to one of the most anticipated series of the whole year. Gaming Fallout it is so famous that even people who have never played it have probably heard of it. In any case, it has now been adapted into a series by Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan (Westworld), who, together with his team of creators, will try to present to the world a new post-apocalyptic story that will interest both game fans and new viewers without previous knowledge of the series.


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In short, the plot revolves around characters surviving in a world decimated by nuclear weapons, some of them moved into underground bunkers before the war to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits. But now it’s time to surface and find out what really happened.

Apple TV+

Sugar (5th April)

Well, we will close the selection of the most interesting on the streams in April with another attractive new product of the currently most popular Apple TV+ platform, which will introduce the audience to a new crime thriller Sugar starring Colin Farrell. The plot tells about the private detective John Sugar, who investigates the mysterious disappearance of a certain granddaughter of a legendary Hollywood producer. The first reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but the last two episodes are said to offer a crazy twist that will leave everyone saying the same thing: WTF?! Well, we can’t wait!

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments.

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