Krampol’s manager spoke: Everyone will cry, I cried too


“Jirka is currently in the František hospital in the long-term treatment ward. They are trying to rehabilitate him and get him moving because he has been lying down for a very long time,” said Miloš in an interview for TV Nova. He would very much like Jiří to be okay, but according to him, the future is unclear. “I can’t say as a reliable piece of information about his health because it’s not for me, and I can’t because I’m not meant to, but I think it’s going to take a while and it’s hard to say, really hard to say what the future will be,” Krampol’s revealed manager.

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He then talked about the last big project that he and Jiří are working on. “We shot an amazing clip, or a song with Natália Grosová. Jirka Krampol has such a wonderful spoken text there and it’s called Miss Paris. We’re finishing it up tonight.” says Schmiedberger. “It will be his last biggest project. It’s beautiful, everyone will cry, I cried too” he didn’t hide.

Jiří’s manager is obviously already counting on all possible scenarios. Even with the fact that Krampol might not be able to fully return to his work due to his deteriorating health.

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