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It’s a bit of a sad fate for many actors, and of course today’s birthday girl, the actress, knows about it Renee Zellweger. Although she received an Oscar for the supporting role in the film Return to Cold Mountain and also for the main role in the film Judy, everyone still sees her mainly as Bridget Jones. A confused, impulsive and reciprocating thirty-something (in the third installment already a slender almost forty-something), who is somewhat clumsily looking for love. You could say that when it comes to finding love, they might be on the same page. “I’m more unlucky in love than Bridget Jones,” she said years ago in an interview with the British magazine The Sun. These are the men Renée Zellweger didn’t work out with, and one she finally seems to be succeeding with.

Jim Carrey: engagement

The actress met the famous actor in 1999, when they filmed the comedy I, my other self and Irena together. A spark jumped and they became a couple. They were even engaged, but eventually broke up after about a year of dating. While the actress probably put it out of her mind a long time ago, Jim Carrey he still remembers her. In his autobiographical book Memoirs and Misinformation, he called her the love of his life.

George Clooney: football boots after two months

This was nothing serious, at least for George Clooney. It was a very short, about two-month love escapade in 2001, which the actor then ended. Bad language even claimed that the disgraced Zellweger cared about him so much that she bivouacked in a tent in front of his house for three days, but she didn’t soften him up. In the end, everything was settled and they are good friends.

Jack White: distance separated them

Rocker Jack White is not an actor, and they probably would never have met if he hadn’t had a small role as a troubadour in Return to Cold Mountain. They met there and it was love that lasted about a year and a half, they broke up in September 2004. Don’t expect any scandal or infidelity, the reason was probably the distance that separated them. White was born and lived in Detroit, Zellweger in Hollywood, and neither of them wanted to change anything about it.

Kenny Chesney: husband of Renée Zellweger

This is a bit of a paradox. This is one of the shortest relationships the actress has had, yet this famous American country singer is the only man she said yes to and married. That was in May 2005 (the fact that they were together was revealed only a month before), the divorce took place in September. The request for it was submitted by Zellweger, citing fraud as the reason, but neither of them specified more.

Bradley Cooper: on vacation together

Yes, i do Bradley Cooper he fell in love with the actress (and she with him) and they met again on the set. They filmed the mystery thriller Case No. 39 together and at one point their relationship seemed really serious – they vacationed together, Renée went shopping with his mother, and in 2010 they even moved in. Nevertheless, in March 2011, they confirmed the breakup, but both remained steadfastly silent about the reasons.

Doyle Bramhall II: the longest relationship

Although they never married, the actress’ relationship with musician Doyle Bramhall II is still the longest she has ever had. They were together from 2012 to 2019 and it looked like Zellweger was totally crazy about him. “Well, isn’t he cute? He’s a very nice man and I’m incredibly happy now,” she said in a 2015 interview with People magazine. It is not known why they broke up, but the media speculated that the actress ran out of patience with the way she constantly subsidized and supported the musician.

Ant Anstead: current boyfriend 10 years younger

But the last three years seem to be a happier time. Renée Zellweger lives with a TV presenter 10 years younger Ant Anstead and it seems to be working for them so far. Anstead was married twice and has three children from both marriages. The actress is said to get along great with them and maybe they make up for the fact that she is alone he has no children of his own.

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