Shia LaBeouf cheated on every woman he was ever with –

Shia LaBeouf cheated on every woman he was ever with –
Shia LaBeouf cheated on every woman he was ever with –

Actor Shia LaBeouf (36) opened up about his private life in an unusual way. In Jon Bernthal’s Real Ones podcast interview, he revealed that he had “cheated on every woman he’s ever been with” and that he had kept genital herpes from his sexual partners.

American actor Shia LaBeouf is a real bowman. In the Real Ones podcast, he talked about his intimate life and surprised many fans with his statement.

As the foreign website Independent reported, in the past LaBeouf was “unfaithful to all his partners”. In addition, he also hid from them that he had genital herpes, an infectious diseasewhich is mainly transmitted through sexual contact.

I was selfish and dishonest, he admitted

His former partner FKA Twigs accused him of sexual violence in the past. The actor denies this accusation, but admits that he did not treat his partner well. “I was an egotistical, selfish, dishonest, reckless and horrible person who only sought pleasure,” the actor revealed on the podcast.

After the accusation, he was said to have thought about suicide and felt ashamed. He regrets his mistakes and is currently trying to become a better person. When I think about what my life has become and what it is now, what my goal is now… I need to be useful. And when I look at the MeToo environment, there aren’t a lot of guys taking responsibility.” the actor let himself be heard.

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