Princess Diana’s funeral: Fears for the life of Prince Charles and an international scandal

Three million people came to mourn Diana’s funeral, the telecast was watched by two and a half billion viewers in 187 countries. In turn, more than a million flowers were laid in front of Kensington and Buckingham Palace. He also contributed a little Elton Johnwho retexted the song Candle In The Wind.

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Stealing teddy bears for Princess Diana

Although the English are rather more reserved, the death of Princess Diana affected them deeply. In addition to candles and flowers, teddy bears also began to be bought in front of Buckingham. However, there are black sheep everywhere who do not protect themselves from anything. For example, two Slovak tourists who earned twenty-eight days behind bars for stealing stuffed animals.

Their actions almost caused an international scandal. In addition, eleven of them were stolen. The state prosecutor described her actions as robbing graves. An Italian tourist had the same mannerisms. Then, as he was leaving the court, he earned a well-aimed punch from one person educational slap.

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Fear for the life of Prince Charles

After Diana’s funeral interesting news began to appear in the media. For example, why the princess’s children also went behind the coffin. It was said to be out of fear for Charles’s life. At least according to the entries in the diary of Alastair Campbell, a journalist and strategist who was close to Prime Minister Tony Blair at the time. Had it not been for his sons standing behind Prince Charles, he might have been attacked by angry onlookers. In fact, they acted as a human shield.

Even the death of Princess Diana

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Did the ghost of Princess Diana appear at the funeral?

For William and Harry Mom’s funeral was a huge psychological burden. But in a BBC documentary called Diana, they had to confide that they felt as if their mother’s spirit was accompanying them during the funeral procession. And that wasn’t the only supernatural encounter. William should have felt Diana’s presence even during his wedding with Duchess Kate.

Harry mainly remembered the very unpleasant funeral broadcast live. Over time, he is convinced that no child should have to go through this. What he remembers most is the crowds of strangers who offered him hands wet from wiping tears and expressed sincere condolences. However, he himself could not shed a single tear at this moment.

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