How to overcome children’s fears? We put anxiety in an envelope, psychologists teach

How to overcome children’s fears? We put anxiety in an envelope, psychologists teach
How to overcome children’s fears? We put anxiety in an envelope, psychologists teach

The Bez obobev project, how to overcome children’s fears, is unique in the Czech Republic. Its founders took their inspiration from other parts of Europe, where there are similar courses for families. We wanted to implement something similar in Czech Republic, because it makes sense for parents to be involved in helping their child, explains Polkov, who got to know the project in Oxford. Fierov was inspired in Edinburgh.

Their extension program is designed for parents, their children suffer from osteoporosis. The course was held in groups of ten and twelve. When we mapped the situation in the school, and the families asked questions, it turned out that they would respect each other in groups. On the one hand, he will be able to reach a lot of people at once, but the main thing is that they are not alone in what they do, Fierov explains, adding that the group has really learned.

Duevn healthy adolescent

75% the disease manifests itself before the age of 24.

50% Duvench disease manifests itself before the age of 14

30% In adolescence, he states that things are read more than once a week

13 % an adolescent boy states that things are read more than once a week

source: NUDZ, Duevn zdrav dt and adolescent

These psychologists piloted the project in January of this year in the Karlovy Vary region. It was also for the reason that there is really a shortage of healthy people. There was a huge amount, thousands of families joined him at the prison, all of them met the criteria, first of all the Polkovs.

The comprehensive methodology also tries to relieve specialists, of which there is a long-term shortage in the Czech Republic. Psychologists agree, experts are simply too few and we must focus on prevention.

Vt se dtte, afraid to write on paper

The program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, which children learn over the course of six weeks. Born, you meet in groups with two lap therapists, and there you learn about what bone is, how to recognize it in your child, and share your feelings with each other, Fierov describes the course program.

One of the techniques is to go to your child. Through this, he gets a rough idea of ​​how his little one is afraid. And so I often realize that the goal he set as a parent is very unattainable for the child at this moment. A well-known technique is to write fear and anger on peppers. Then put the children in a special place, in a box or in a cloud, and at any time follow the conversation with the parent.

But it is not only about techniques. Parents know how to behave so that they do not support the bone in the daughter. They tend to reassure their offspring that it will be good, but that is a bit counterproductive in the long run. We want to teach children that they are able to overcome their fears, and do not need to be constantly encouraged, added Polkov.

Without fear, how to grow up over fears dt

  • Marie Polkov she received her BSc degree. in Psychology from Durham University and an MSc. in Psychological Research from the University of Oxford. She joined NUDZ in 2022.
  • Marta Fierova she received her BSc degree. in psychology at the University of Sussex and subsequently completed a master’s degree in child and adolescent mental health at the University of Edinburgh. He has been working at NUDZ since 2022.

And so instead of the child going to a psychologist individually, get the family involved. Be with the child’s guide and helper on the way to the perfect apprehension, according to the psychologists who aimed the course at children between the ages of seven and twelve. This is because the majority of duvian sacrifices occur before the age of thirteen.

We want to catch you. Moreover, most children often cannot fully describe what is happening to them. Sp worthy somatize. bone pain manifests itself in them with whiplash and headache. They can manifest themselves in a change of behavior. The child may have a lot of tantrums or go into aggression, explains Fierov.

Don’t forget the needs of the family

I am born on the course to get me not only far in the field of mental health of the child, but also so reassuring that you do not have a suffering child, that they are not suffering from childbirth, that they are not alone in this, and most importantly, they can help with small changes.

Thanks to the project, we mapped the needs of the family. No research has been done so far. Their needs are often forgotten, Polkov points out, adding that the main thing is not to talk about your fears. And it pays for both sides.

It’s good to let the parents know that they have concerns in front of the child. Normalize it, we will encounter these things in life, but the meme is a joke. And the sky to celebrate even had a rush dtte. Polkov advises to point out what has become a problem for children in the past.

When the parent sees that the child cannot do what he wants, or has emotions that he does not know how to cope with, he should pay attention and try to open a conversation. Stop being curious and create a safe space for the child, adds Fierov.

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