RELATIONS: Unnecessary over-standard with Slovakia

RELATIONS: Unnecessary over-standard with Slovakia
RELATIONS: Unnecessary over-standard with Slovakia

A few weeks ago, the Czech government canceled intergovernmental consultations with the Slovak government and thus returned to the original, completely correct and completely normal relationship that our country has with all other neighbors. This above-standard model was created during the governments of Petr Nečas and Robert Fico, and the first intergovernmental meeting of the two countries was held in Uherské Hradiste and in Trenčín in 2012.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala took this step after the Slovak Foreign Minister met in Turkey with the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation and also because of Prime Minister Fico’s stance on Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. The opposition and non-parliamentary parties and movements are very unhappy about this, diplomatically speaking. Both Andrej Babiš, which is understandable considering that he is a Slovak, and representatives of various modern hippies of our sun, chchimír currents, who took advantage of the situation in the fight for possible voters, wrote petitions and diligently whipped up the agitated emotions of their supporters, were emotionally opposed to it. Similar positions have been adopted by politicians in Slovakia, and according to the Slovak prime minister, the Czech side threatens relations with Slovakia.

“The government has every right to disagree with the progress of the Slovak government, but it has no mandate to freeze relations with Slovakia with a cheap gesture,” said Karel Havlíček, the chairman of the ANO shadow government, according to the iDnes server, very moderately compared to other opposition politicians. However, what freezing of relations with Slovakia is Karel Havlíček talking about? After all, our relations with Slovakia are still absolutely correct and on the same level as our international relations with Poland, with Germany and with Austria, i.e. functioning, friendly and very good. Only the above-standard relations that have existed since Nečas’s government were suspended, as I already pointed out in the beginning of the article.

Before I proceed to the conclusion of my reasoning, I would like to write something about my relationship with Slovakia. I know the entire north of Slovakia quite well, because my parents and I went through it on mountain hikes from west to east in my childhood, and my parents bought a log cabin in Javorníky in Kysuck, so I spent almost half of my life in Slovakia before emigrating to France. So it is no exaggeration to say that Slovakia belongs together with Moravia to my homeland, to the places where my personality was formed. In addition to Slovakia and Moravia, Bohemia is actually almost a foreign country to me, because I have only visited Prague and Pilsen in detail there, and I basically do not know Bohemia at all.

What to add to all this in conclusion? I am convinced that our standard international relations with Slovakia are as good as our international relations with all other neighbors. So far, there is no indication that it would be otherwise. The opposition uses anything to criticize the government, which I think is normal, it’s their role and that’s just how it works in party parliamentary democracy. Well, what about angry politicians and journalists in Slovakia? If they lack above-standard relations with the Czech Republic, then I really don’t understand why they broke up the Czechoslovakia, our former common state.

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