Spectacles made of concrete, welcoming puppies, flying garbage collectors. With April Fool’s Day in Prague, they won | Company | News | Prague Gossip

Spectacles made of concrete, welcoming puppies, flying garbage collectors. With April Fool’s Day in Prague, they won | Company | News | Prague Gossip
Spectacles made of concrete, welcoming puppies, flying garbage collectors. With April Fool’s Day in Prague, they won | Company | News | Prague Gossip

This year’s Easter Monday was not only a holiday for carolers, but also for pranksters. On the first day of April, politicians and institutions published April Fool’s jokes on the networks. In addition to welcoming citizens, Prague 6 also announced puppies, the Prague Public Service purchased a flying garbage truck, and Zdeněk Hřib got the idea to collect on the Municipal Circle by selling concrete goods.

Jokes that look too much like reality are a traditional part of April Fools’ Day. This year, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute used the original April Fool’s Day. “We would like to inform you that today between 1pm and 6pm, there may be a temporary unavailability of our forecasts, both on our website and in the mobile application. Our crystal balls, dice and frog terrariums will be overhauled and polished.” they wrote on social networks.

“They were abraded and soiled due to the transition of high concentrations of rough particles from the Sahara. The frogs stop seeing outside and their prediction abilities are very limited, the spheres also do not provide the standard we want to provide you with.”

Pirates love April Fools’ Day

Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) offered designer items such as glasses or mugs made from ultra-high-quality concrete used, for example, in the Barrandovský Bridge, in a crowdfunding campaign for the completion of the City Ring Road.

“We are organizing the collection because the state will not contribute a single crown to the completion of the inner circuit. With regard to the roots of government representatives, only Brno has such a privilege. Therefore, we will all have to agree to a tunnel with the working name Václav (in honor of the Czech tunneling tradition). Unfortunately, the laws do not yet allow us to collect tolls, so that we can use the revenues from it to pay off part of the costs of large infrastructure constructions.” he wrote Boletus on the X network.

April was joined by his party colleague Jana Komrsková, deputy for the environment. It announced a new type of helium-filled wind turbines that float in the air.

“Part of the ceremony will not only be the handing over of the Dog Citizen’s Card, but also a ceremonial paw shake with the mayor”

Opposition representative Patrik Nacher (ANO) announced on his profile that he is ending his program Dvojí metr. “In fact, thanks to my activity, the negative trend of using different standards for the same situation has completely disappeared from the Czech political environment, so there is nothing to point to anymore,” he was joking Damn it.

Prague 6 chose a theme that cannot disappoint, namely puppies. They say they will welcome them in the same way as new citizens. “Part of the ceremony will not only be the presentation of the Canine Citizen’s Card, but also a ceremonial “Pawshake” with the mayor, a blessing by the canine preacher for a long and happy life, and the presentation of a commemorative stamp with an engraved name. Each dog will also receive a collar, a bowl and a blanket with the Prague 6 logo. The municipal council has also concluded a contract with a local dog food manufacturer for the production of granules in the shape of a six. wrote the representatives of the sixth city district on their Facebook.

With Lítáčka pedaling all the way to central Bohemia

The Prague Zoo launched a special April Fool’s Day line where people could call Mr. Hippo with a question or prank an acquaintance.

Prague’s integrated transport gave hope to pedal lovers. Vessels could be rented at Lítáčka and they would also use them on trips to the Central Bohemia region.

The idea of ​​the Prague Services with a flying garbage truck seems almost too nice. “Next time we don’t come over the ground for your trash, we’ll take it by air! Ecologically, briskly and quietly,” the city company wrote on Facebook.

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