Children’s supplies were stolen from the kindergarten, policemen saved the situation


Chomutov – On Wednesday, March 27, children from Zahrádka kindergarten had an experience that will enrich their lives with sad, but also very happy emotions.

As part of the project Easter treasure – following the footsteps of the Easter bunny, all classes tried to complete tasks with an Easter and spring theme, always appropriate to the age of the given age group. The children completed the tasks in the classroom and in the school garden, where a treasure from the Easter Bunny awaited them at the end. Each class had its treasure filled with goodies in cooperation with the children’s parents and grandparents.

However, what was the disappointment of the third grade children from the Ladybugs when only three packages out of seventeen remained in their treasure basket. The teachers were shocked who could afford to steal the children from the kindergarten when it was in the closed garden. They immediately tried to make new packages from the candies they had left in the classroom, and in the meantime they called the Chomutov Municipal Police. She reacted very quickly and professionally when she sent a patrol to the place and examined the camera system. Unfortunately, the perpetrator was lucky, he was nowhere to be seen.

Nevertheless, the police officers decided to make the children happy on this day and, on their own initiative, brought packages full of surprises to all seventeen children. The children received a small stuffed animal, a reflective vest, signal bracelets, stickers and lots of other little things. But the greatest gift for everyone was the demonstration of the great character of these police officers, who were not indifferent to what experience the children would take home from kindergarten that day.

The reaction of the children, when they saw both surprise and joy in the children’s eyes, brought tears to the eyes of all the adults. The subsequent spontaneous reaction of the children, when they wanted to hug the police officers and tell them that they love them, was a wonderful finishing touch to this event.

It is very important, especially in this day and age, that children know that there is someone who will gladly and lovingly help them maintain their happy moments of childhood, which last only a moment in a long human life. A very important moment for a person, because what happens to us in childhood affects us for the rest of our lives. I believe that these children, this experience with a positive ending, will bring only good things into their lives. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers of the Chomutov Municipal Police for their approach to the matter and above all for their empathy.

She wrote):
J. Pézrová, Kindergarten Kundratická

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