Some drunks can choose really strange places and positions to rest



Easter in the sign of alcohol or a few stories from the streets of Pilsen

According to some people, alcohol is an essential part of Easter. We don’t want to judge if yes or no, but we certainly agree that it must not be overdone. But several men in Pilsen managed to do just that.

On Friday afternoon, a fifty-two-year-old man received early retirement benefits in the form of a stay in an anti-alcohol detention center after drinking heavily from a bottle of vodka in front of a business in U Prazdroje Street, where he then laid down to rest on the sidewalk. To his surprise, he was woken up by a patrol of the city police. “The drunken man’s legs were breaking and he was unable to leave the place on his own. The breath test showed a positive result of 4.14 per thousand,” said the press spokesperson of the city police.

Just a few minutes later, he was joined by Pilsen, who spent the evening in an anti-alcohol detention center instead of celebrating his 66th birthday with his family. “The man staggered through the city center and fell to the ground, thereby endangering his life and health. He was not even physically capable of a breath test,” described the spokeswoman.

A forty-four-year-old man chose a truly mind-boggling position for a drunken rest on Saturday early evening at the Domažlická bus stop, for whom a trash can by the stop sign served as a sofa. “The officers carefully transferred the man to the lawn and placed him in a stable position. The man failed to perform a breath test. After sobering up, the officers dealt with him for the misdemeanor he committed by causing public outrage,” a spokeswoman said about this case.

A forty-eight-year-old man, whom police officers picked up from the sidewalk in Veleslavínova street at half past four in the afternoon, also spent Monday evening in the same facility due to heavy drunkenness. “The patrol asked the man to perform a breath test, when the device measured a value of 3.02 per mille in his breath,” continued the spokeswoman of the city police.

And a pearl at the end

Although this curious story happened early Thursday evening, it is undoubtedly worth mentioning.


“Take me for a ride, I want to sleep in the heat,” began his conversation with the officers, a fifty-six-year-old man who was found lying on the ground under the shelter of the public transport stop on Americká tridá. The officers helped the man sit on a bench and began to ascertain the facts of his condition. But it turned out that the man is not very drunk, so he does not belong in the trap.
So the man decided to fix everything. During the call, the policeman took out a bottle of alcohol from his backpack and began to pour it into himself in an effort to prove that he really belonged to the arrest.
But he was unlucky, given that at that moment he was in a place where the drinking of alcohol is prohibited by city ordinance, the officers took away his alcohol for the purposes of administrative proceedings.
Despite all his efforts, this man ultimately did not look at the apprehension, because he did not meet the legal conditions for transportation and placement in this medical facility.

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