The court extended the detention of a man accused of starting a fire in Czech Switzerland. He denies the guilt


The man has been in custody since last May, the public prosecutor proposed an extension. “The court accepted my reasons,” said prosecutor Tomáš Skála. The court extended the man’s detention because it is concerned about his possible escape and also that he might commit criminal activity again.

Defense attorney Pavko proposed a release for his client. “The accused knows the reasons for the detention, he knows what he is being prosecuted for, and he understands that the detention will continue,” the lawyer said.

The former guard was charged with starting a huge fire in Czech Switzerland

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Initially, according to the earlier statement of the deputy regional prosecutor Kateřina Doušová, the accused partially confessed to the criminal activity. Later, however, he always told journalists through his lawyer that he did not cause the big fire in the national park.

According to the investigators, the man then started other fires in Děčín in April 2023. “It’s known, it’s about some lit feeders and the like,” said Pavko.

According to criminologists, the man caused damage of 350 million crowns with all his actions. In the filed indictment, the supervising public prosecutor proposes a sentence of around 12 years and protective treatment in a constitutional form.

“The court is trying to come to terms with the fact that it will order the main trial as early as May,” said Pavko.

The fire broke out the night before last year on July 24, affecting an area of ​​over 1,000 hectares.

The man accused of setting fire to Czech Switzerland remains in custody. He pleaded not guilty

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