Puppies abandoned in the forest are looking for a new home. The police are looking for the breeder

Puppies abandoned in the forest are looking for a new home. The police are looking for the breeder
Puppies abandoned in the forest are looking for a new home. The police are looking for the breeder

A ruthlessness that is hard to fathom. Starving labrador puppies were found on the side of the road in Tachovsk on Easter. The search is on for the perpetrator. Animals are waiting for new homes.

Seven labrador puppies that someone dumped in Tachovska ended up in a dog shelter.

| Video: Karel Bobál

Someone dumped seven labrador puppies in the Tachovsk region on Easter. She was found starving and thirsty by the side of a busy road, fortunately not hit by any of the passing cars. The animals ended up in the doghouse shelter, but they will already be issued to interested parties. The police are looking for the perpetrator.

“The puppies were spotted by a hunter who was coming from the forest, by the road between Rozvadov and Přimda, by the Václavák pond. Fortunately, he managed to lure them to the forest path and with the helper he summoned, thanks to feeding, they kept them away from the road, so nothing hit them,” Karel Bobál from the Studánka Animal Rescue Station told Deník. He added that the finders called the police and they contacted him. He managed them all dogs catch and transport to the Nora Dog Home.

“The dogs, which I estimate are around seven months old, are emaciated, they were hungry, thirsty, red. My opinion is that someone dumped them further in the forest and they reached the road,” thinks Bobál. Considering that the animals do not have chips and that even after the case became public, it was not possible to find the owner of the small pack, it cannot be ruled out that the Labradors were dumped in Tachov region by someone from neighboring Germany.

The fact that the perpetrator is still on the run was confirmed to Deník by the police. “He has not yet been found,” said police spokeswoman Barbora Šmaterová on Tuesday, adding that the police are continuing to investigate the case. Legal qualifications have not yet been determined.

Dogs suffered, a kitten and a lamb died. Animal abusers increased in the region last year

The pack won’t be in the dog shelter for long. “On Tuesday, a veterinarian came to us, who, among other things, vaccinated them so that they could go to new homes. The sooner they go, the better for them to have a family. We will therefore be handing them over from Wednesday. According to the vet, quarantine is not necessary. In this case, it is not necessary to wait for the owner to call, he obviously got rid of them, he committed a crime,” stated Bobál. According to him, a similar number of discarded puppies is not exceptional, he remembers, among other things, a two-year-old case when someone left five puppies in the cold near Mariánské Lázně. Similar cases are also known from other places in western Bohemia, e.g. in the Klatovsk region, a man threw eleven puppies into a field in this way. Five died before they were found. The breeder received a condition.

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