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Pilsen Region
Pilsen Region

The Pilsen region was nominated for the MOSTY award. This year, for the twenty-first time, it is announced and awarded by the National Council of Persons with Disabilities of the Czech Republic. The purpose is to appreciate activities or personalities that significantly improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. The Pilsen region earned the nomination for its long-term approach and implementation of projects to increase the accessibility of public transport for people with disabilities.

“From 14/06/2020, in the Pilsen region, we introduced a new quality of public line transport, when all buses are partly low-floor, which means that the service provided by the Pilsen region in public transport is barrier-free for citizens. In the same way, we continue to proceed with orders in rail transport, where we are also gradually introducing low-floor or partially low-floor vehicles. Currently, fully low-floor vehicles are deployed in electric traction, and we are gradually introducing vehicles in diesel traction, which will be low-floor or partially low-floor,” Pavel Čížek, Deputy Governor for Transport, says about the nomination.

This year, the MOSTY award is awarded in four categories. The Department of Transport of the Pilsen Region is nominated in Category I. Institution of public administration. The winners will be ceremonially announced and the prizes presented on 23 May 2024 in the Horácké Theater in Jihlava.

The nomination is a practical award above all for the long-term work of the Pilsen Region, which strives to ensure that disabled people are an integral part of transport and can easily and safely travel around the region by public transport. That is why another regular meeting of the National Council of the Disabled of the Pilsen Region took place on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at the regional office. Representatives of the Plzeň region together with union leaders participate in meetings and, above all, discuss possible solutions where the disabled need help. “I consider the meeting at the regional level to be essential. It is important to talk about a number of things and problems here and to name them so that we can solve them as a region and also change something,” says the governor of the Plzeň region, Rudolf Špoták, saying that the region cooperates with the NZRP in the aforementioned area of ​​transport, where it deals with barrier-free accessibility, but also in the area of ​​healthcare and social affairs, which the disabled can and need to use.

Together with the governor, the head of the social affairs department Filip Zapletal, the head of the health department Jan Karásek and the head of the transport department Dušan Pakandl also attended the meeting, who discussed current problems with members of the NRZP. The debate was about barrier-free transport in the Pilsen region, the availability of health care, as well as the availability, use and innovations in the field of social services.

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