Prague opened a new footbridge at the Paradise Garden | PRAGUE | News

Prague opened a new footbridge at the Paradise Garden | PRAGUE | News
Prague opened a new footbridge at the Paradise Garden | PRAGUE | News

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable traffic participants and therefore it is necessary and important to create a safe and comfortable infrastructure for them. The capital city of Prague is well aware of this, which is why it also opened a new footbridge in the Paradise Garden in the Prague 14 district.

“We are opening a new footbridge that will connect part of Hutě with the rest of Kyjí here in Prague 14. It is actually a bridge from the Rajská zahrada train stop to the Rajská zahrada metro station,” explains Deputy Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates).

The railway stop was only recently completed in the place and people waited a really long time for it at Čtrnáctka.

“The track that leads here has been operating here since 1873, that means for 150 years, but it was only last December that trains started stopping here for the first time, which is of course a huge benefit for our citizens, who can get to the center by train in just 12 minutes,” emphasizes the deputy mayor of the Prague 14 district, Soňa Tománková (NAŠE Čtrnáctka).

A total of five trains will stop at the stop. And so that people in the vicinity of metro stations and train stops can orient themselves correctly, the new Čitelná Praha navigation system is intended to help them with this.

“These are the new navigation signs that help people, especially pedestrians, to find their way through the city as quickly as possible. Here we are traveling, for example, the new totem you see over there on that roll that marks that railway station. We’ll see what people say about it, and we’ll move forward with the project accordingly,” concludes Deputy Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates).

The price of the footbridge reached 82.6 million crowns and it took quite a long time to build. But she was preparing even longer. The railway station itself was opened already in December of last year, but people could only get to it via the footbridge at the beginning of April.

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