Norway, Ukraine, France. Chomutov will welcome international football

Norway, Ukraine, France. Chomutov will welcome international football
Norway, Ukraine, France. Chomutov will welcome international football

The Czech under-19 soccer players will play a qualifying match against Norway, Ukraine and France in early April in Blšany in Podbořansk. They will be fighting for their third participation in the European Championship in a row, where only the winners of the group will advance. The other matches will be hosted by Chomutov.

Football complex in Blšany.

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The Czech team met in Blšany on Monday, April 1, and is staying at the football complex’s hotel. The young footballers have a facility that has been tested by many teams that have been going there recently for training sessions. The players have at their disposal several training fields with excellent quality grass, a sauna, a whirlpool, a rehabilitation room, and they are accommodated in double rooms.

The national team will play its first match against Norway in Blšany at the main stadium on Wednesday, April 3 from 3 p.m. Spectators are welcome. Eighteen players and two goalkeepers are nominated. “Unfortunately, we did not avoid some problems when making the nomination, but it happens that sometimes someone is injured. But I believe that the nominated players will be in full force. We are very much looking forward to qualifying on home soil, it is always a certain reward when those closest to us can support us in the audience, which is nice,” said the coach of the Czech women’s soccer players, Jan Navrátil.

“We have a very difficult group ahead of us, I consider it one of the most difficult that I have been with the team. Norway is a very tough opponent, top quality, two years ago they won silver at the EC. Ukraine is a little unknown, but we don’t expect anything easy and at the end a strong France, which is one of the three most successful teams in this category. They are regular participants in European championships and clear favorites of our group,” added the Czech coach.

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Young Czechs are not the favorites of the group, even so they would like to fight for the final tournament again. “Our goal will traditionally be to stay in League A, then it is a huge dream to repeat participation in the EC, but we are fully aware of the strength of our opponents. We will approach it as responsibly as possible and see what it will do for us. We invite all fans to come and support us, which we will need. I hope that we will avoid injuries and get the best possible result,” added coach Jan Navrátil.

The football club in Blšany, which played in the highest Czech competition between 1998 and 2006, has not existed for many years. But the campus lives on. It is rented by Robert Janek, he was and is very connected with football in Blšany. Now he runs a hotel in it, takes care of six playgrounds. The area is very popular among football players, many teams, including the first league and their youth academies, use it for training sessions or friendly matches.

“Football players come to us mainly in summer and at the end of winter, before the start of the spring competition. We are full, we often have to reject other applicants. But there are months, in autumn and spring, when competitions are played and no one comes. That’s also why I’m glad that the Czech national team, which has various events throughout almost the whole year, found its way to us,” said Robert Janek. In January, for example, the 16-year-old Czech national team under the leadership of coaches Pavel Drsko, Tomáš Kulvajt and Radek Slončík had a training camp in Blšany before the tournament in Turkey.

Qualification of ME 2024 players under 19 years2nd round, League A, Group A4 (Czech Republic)

3 April 15:00 Norway – Czech Republic (Blšany)
April 3 15:00 France – Ukraine (Chomutov)
April 6 15:00 Czech Republic – Ukraine (Blšany)
April 6 15:00 France – Norway (Chomutov)
April 9 16:00 Czech Republic – France (Blšany)
April 9 16:00 Ukraine – Norway (Chomutov)

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