Let’s clean up the Czech Republic, let’s clean up Krumlov. It will break out on Saturday, bags and gloves will be supplied by the city


The nationwide volunteer cleaning event Ukliďme Česko has become a tradition in Český Krumlov as well. This year, the enthusiasts will go on a joint cleaning on Saturday, April 6. The meeting of the participants is at 9 o’clock in the morning in front of the Krumlov Municipal Theater in Horní Street.

Let’s clean up the Czech Republic, let’s clean up Krumlov. Illustration photo.

| Photo: Deník/Zuzana Gabajová

“We look forward to everyone who cares about the environment and is not indifferent to its pollution,” says Vlasta Horáková, head of the Český Krumlov Department of the Environment. “Neglected corners of the city and its immediate surroundings will be cleaned.”

After a record-warm April, it’s going to be hot at the weekend as well. An absolute extreme, writes the Czechoslovak Office of the Czech Republic

The city continuously maps black dumps as well as places with a large amount of garbage. “However, we welcome information about locations that deserve attention of this type and we ask for your suggestions,” adds the leader.

An essential part of the recommended equipment for volunteers is sturdy shoes. Cleaning materials (bags and gloves) will be provided by city workers. Due to the limited amount of cleaning materials, it is essential that volunteers register for the event.

Woman of Český Krumlov for the year 2023 Františka Kuncová (center). Pavla Benettová (left) and Soňa Dobiášová were also shortlisted.

Zn.: We are looking for exceptional women from Český Krumlov region. You can send your nominations

The city asks interested parties to register at the address or phone number below so that the staff of the Department of the Environment will be able to deliver cleaning materials to the given location.

Applications and initiatives send to the e-mail address [email protected] or to the phone numbers 380 766 550 or 602 703 908. In the application, please state your telephone contact, the number of people participating in the event, and the specification of your possible suggestions, i.e. information , cleaning which particular place you prefer, information about black dumps or places with a lot of waste.


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