Liberec Region: The first Mental Health Center was established in Liberec


04/02/2024 22:04 | Press Release

The non-profit organization FOKUS Liberec ops, which has focused on supporting people with mental illness for more than 30 years, opened the Center for Mental Health Liberec (CDZ). The service will be available for the Liberec and Frýdlant region. The establishment of this social health service was financially supported by the Liberec Region. The center is located at Nezvalova 662/18, Liberec.


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“The establishment of the Mental Health Center in Liberec brings new social health services that have been lacking in our region until now. I firmly believe that they will be used especially by the people who need them the most, and will help them to recover,” said Martin Půta, Governor of the Liberec Region. “I’m also very happy that we were able to support Fokus Liberec with the proceeds from this year’s governor’s ball, namely the amount of 558,900 crowns.”

“I firmly believe that Mental Health Centers will expand to other regions of the Liberec region. I would like it if other districts – Česká Lípa, Jablonec nad Nisou and Semily – had their own CDZ,” added Petr Tulpa, Deputy Governor for the Department of Social Affairs.

“The very idea of ​​creating such a facility, personnel and coordination support was given by the Department of Social Affairs through individual projects. The Department of Health contributed to the first six months of the service’s operation so that after this period it was fully able to draw funds from health insurance companies,” explained Vladimír Richter, member of the regional council for the Department of Health.

The organization FOKUS Liberec, ops, which will provide the Mental Health Centers, provides services to adults with mental illnesses, especially psychoses, affective disorders (mood disorders), or with personality disorders or anxiety disorders, who have been treated for more than two years and need support in multiple areas. The service is also intended for people who are at risk of developing a mental illness and for whom treatment needs to be started quickly.

“The service of the center is provided by a multidisciplinary team of experts: a psychiatrist, psychiatric and general nurses, a psychologist, social workers and peer consultants. It has the character of long-term care or early intervention for not yet diagnosed or currently untreated diseases. All team members work on an outpatient basis and in the field – in the natural environment of a person with a mental illness. The client can also use daily group or individual programs. We will contact those interested in the CDZ service within 48 hours,” added Jana Horáková, director of the organization.

The establishment of the Mental Health Center is the result of joint efforts of the organization, the social department and the health department of the Liberec Region. The organization FOKUS Liberec, ops undertook the provision of the service itself, the provision of experts according to the applicable standard of the Ministry of Health. The social department provided coordination assistance through the individual project “Process support within the reform of mental health care in the Liberec region”, thanks to which the position of mental health care coordinator in the Liberec region could be established. He could therefore fully devote himself to this issue. Furthermore, he also ensured assistance in the field of personnel development of services, thanks to the project “Support and development of social services in the Liberec region”, where it is possible to support the growth of employment in services until March 2026, so that other mental health centers can be created from the services involved in the future health.

The Department of Health allocated funds and contributed 3,000,000 crowns (last year 374,640 crowns and this year 2,625,360 crowns). FOKUS Liberec, ops will use the money to finance operational and salary costs in the first months of service operation. The FOKUS Liberec ops organization already has fully equipped and ready premises for the full-scale launch of the center’s operations.

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