The Black Death Over Europe Tour – MonsterMusic will pass through the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Black Death Over Europe Tour – MonsterMusic will pass through the Czech Republic and Slovakia
The Black Death Over Europe Tour – MonsterMusic will pass through the Czech Republic and Slovakia
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On the tour with the ominous name Black Death Over Europe, three death metal bands have come together, representing the Benelux countries in the most brutal spirit. It is a true legend of Pestilence, who will be joined by younger colleagues from the bands Carnation and Bodyfarm. In the Czech Republic they will play in Jaroměř and Ostrava, Slovakia can look forward to a concert in Košice.

A four-man Pestilence they are a true legend at least for the Netherlands, where the band hails from. Its history has been written since 1986, when musicians full of energy took the path of raucous thrash metal. Ever since the debut line-up Mallevs Maleficarvm however, more technical (and brutal) death metal is essential for them. The following albums are still valued today, but the group went through two breakups. Now the only original member is the guitarist Patrick Mameli, for whom the creation of a renewed band is perhaps even more important than ever before. This musician brings an inventive progressive approach to the expression of the group and, together with his colleagues, immediately invites two new records: one will bear the name Levels of Perception and second Portals. Their music is really close to classical themes, which the musicians somewhat cynically ventilate with their work, whether it is death, suffering, horror or opposition to religion.

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A Belgian band will also take part in the trans-European tour Carnation, which has been playing since 2013 and which can also be considered at least an interesting example of death metal. This five-member group does not let go of genre roots, but they are characterized by modern freshness. The musicians brought out a record for their tenth anniversary last year Cursed Mortality, which is still unashamedly brutal, but where there was room for a bit of atmosphere, sound and player experiments, as well as a significant amount of apparent chaos. It won’t be on until the third Black Death Over Europe Tour miss the Dutch band Bodyfarm. She joined the group in 2009 and almost immediately impressed not only with her musicianship, but especially with her rotten rawness. Unfortunately, in 2019, the group had to say goodbye to the guitarist and singer forever by Thomas Wouters, however, the band’s existence did not end there. Last year, the musicians boasted an album Ultimate Abominationagain this year with an EP record Malicious Ecstasy. Compared to the other two bands, they are distinguished by their overlap into crowded and dark black metal.

These three bands are within Black Death Over Europe Tour introduces April 7th in Jaroměř in Nationala day later in Ostrava in Music club bar and a day later (i.e April 9) in Košice in Colosseum Club. Tickets are available online Go Out and Ticketmaster and likewise on the agency’s website Obscure Promotionwhich brought us this showcase of Benelux death metal.

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