Vaniak regretted his erring colleagues: Do you know how many scary goals I scored?


Over the weekend in the football league, the goalkeeper was unmarried, and the points were wasted immediately.

In the match against Slavia, Heo from Slovakia missed Jurek’s shot from 25 meters, then he scored a penalty.

Olomouck Mack, with his head bare, did not look at me, the ball of stopper Benee comically passed between his legs and slid into the goal: an idle goal for Pardubice.

And Janek from Eski Budjovice? His inaction gave you points for otherwise muted sparring. Birmanevia’s weak stele on the dry ground wobbled slightly, the bald keeper wanted to catch it, but the ball sailed under his hands into the corner. Phew! You just can’t see it.

Tonk Jan Kuchta rejoices from Sparta’s goal next to the goal of Martin Janek from Esk Budjovice.

I feel sorry for my colleagues, because I can empathize with their feelings. He wants to win, catch every stele, help. And then go to the cabin with the fact that they sunk it, I understand Martin Vaniak, the former national team manager. Do you know how many stray eyes I got from sm? He has to drink for 440 league saves without mistakes. Today, no one will remember him, because they mainly remember my best deeds when I was ringless.

It is a fact that the goal’s role is sometimes extremely unpredictable. Their mistakes are the most visible, the most spoiled, in recent years, moreover, I know each person immediately and fly into the world thanks to social media. Tk life.

But it’s been going to golman since time immemorial, they were always the first to arrive. The Brazilian Barbosa, who fatally spoiled the final of the 1950 World Cup against Uruguay, could speak: the whole country rejected him, he moved to the countryside, lived in poverty and was forgotten. I’m sure there’s no danger of anything like that this unlucky weekend, but…

“I’m one of the players from football history,” smiles Vaniak. We played with Olomouc in Budjovice and the night before the match I had a meeting with representatives of Uhlsport, which was the company that supplied me with gloves. Coach Brckner sat in the hotel for a while and watched everything. The other day I got a goal from ten meters, I just gasped and the balloon went through my hand. After the day was evaluated, Brckner took his word and told me straight away: He’s wearing a new glove, but I’d catch such a stele in my fingers!

Martin Vaniak was one of the most striking goalscorers in the Czech league, he ended his career after 100 goals.

The problem for today’s managers lies in the fact that modern football and its increased pace are forced to grind forward. Play with your feet rather than with your hands, which was not customary. That’s why it happens that when a balloon flies, it flashes in their head: Where will I play?

And as soon as they learn to focus on the hundredth, the first ones are on the horizon.

Mack paid you for that. When Bene was returning the balloon to him, he was wondering how long he had gone. He was looking around, his teammates were gesticulating at him, his thoughts crossed his mind and he completely forgot about me, this Vaniak.

Ppad Hea?

Vaniak thinks of Vaniak as a first-time helmsman who has been able to maneuver for years, but also needs a team in front of him. Currently, Slovakia is a sheep without you, and when we don’t even score a goal, it’s painful.

And Janek?

By making mistakes, the hunter grows. You run in your twenties and in your twenties. And when you get it right, this kind of thing shouldn’t happen to you ever again.

It is risky during the warm-up, which many coaches require, to admit mistakes. Not only the body, but also the head is constantly in check, the goalkeeper needs to constantly scan the space around him, perceive the position and the movement of the team and the exchange. Don’t lose as.

Olomouc goal Mat Mack

Would it have occurred to you that the person who first began to force them to play foot games was one of those who suffered them the most? Johan Cruyff, the Dutch god with a genius football idea, as the coach of Barcelona in the 80s, had the men in the gloves perfectly mastered and helped me with the construction of the game. Qualifier: For me, the goalkeeper is the first of many games.

But it will probably always be true that he stands between them mainly in order to catch something. And he made a mistake for whatever reason, bv under fire. Like those weekend bastards.

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